Playing Games on the tecno phantom x

Tecno Phantom X Gaming & Battery Review


The Tecno Phantom X is a big 6.7 Inch/170mm Full HD AMOLED Display device with a 90Hz refresh rate screen. It is suited for heavy gaming because it has a Helio G95 processor with 8GB RAM and a big and generous 256GB Internal storage space. The 205GB of storage left while I was using it at the time of my video review was enough to install Call Of Duty Game 41 times.

I have been using this smartphone for a few weeks now and here is my combined gaming and battery review.

AMOLED Curved Screen @90Hz

One of the biggest advantages of playing games on the Phantom X is the very black colours. This is thanks to the AMOLED Screen that also happens to be curved for design. While playing games in a dark environment it was hard to see the phones bezel if the dark area is on the edge.

This screen is also HD with a resolution of 1080 X 2340 and has a 90Hz refresh rate. A fast refresh rate makes sure that the games, heavy or simple are smooth and do not lag.

Here is my video review of the Tecno Phantom X where I played the games Ninja Arashi 2, PUBG and Asphalt 9. Enjoy.

Gaming Review

The Phone case that comes with the Phantom X has these rubber ends at the top and bottom of the phone. This rubber is the perfect material for grip while playing landscape games. So not only is is good looking, it helps while playing games.

Phone case


The gyroscope is fun to use and helps a lot especially when aiming at enemies in first shooter games like PUBG and Call Of Duty. With very big phone specifications, I didn’t experience any Gyroscope lag. All my phone movements were converted to game movements instantly.

Performance and Overheating

The Phantom X has a Helio G95 processor and 8GB RAM. These big specs might seem useless when it comes to social media but are very crucial in a gaming session. The games load very fast and lag is considerably reduced.

A far as overheating is concerned, I can report that I didn’t experience any overheating. The maximin temperature I recorded was 34.4┬░Celcius. This is almost the same as body temperature so any human cannot feel that as considerable heat.


With a 4700mAh battery and 33 Watt Fast charger, the Phantom X is a beast at keeping charge as well as accumulating it fast. The USBB Type C cable sure does reduce the charge time.

In the video below, I charged the device from 0% to full charge in only 57 minutes.

Battery Drain

Someone suggested a Battery Drain Test on my unboxing video and here is the video. The phone is connected to WIFI and I timed how long it would take to drain the battery while playing non stop YouTube videos.

Here is the Full Timeline

  • 91% after 1 Hour
  • 83% after 2 Hours
  • 75% after 3 Hours
  • 56% after 5 Hours & 18 Minutes
  • 50% after 6 Hours
  • 42% after 7 Hours
  • 34% after 8 Hours
  • 26% after 9 Hours
  • 17% after 10 Hours
  • 8% after 11 Hours
  • 2% after 11 Hours & 35 Minutes
  • Phone shutdown notification shows after 11 Hours, 40 Minutes & 15 seconds
  • Phone shutdown after 11 Hours, 40 Minutes & 40 seconds

Watch how all of this unfolds in the video below.

Drain Test

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The Tecno Phantom X is a premium device with premium features to back that up. The one thing I really like about this phone is the fast charging times. I just know hat with only a 20 minute charge, I am sorted for the remainder of the day.

The slow battery discharge time is also very impressive as is the excellent gaming performance with no overheating.


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