Do’s, Dont’s And Info About The TV USB port


Why do TV manufacturers make very beautiful and amazing products and then hide the USB port at the back? Its not like the USB stick is a permanent thing like a HDMI or RCA port that you only disconnect very few times in a whole year.

With a USB flash drive you constantly load music and movies and so this is one gadget that tends to be used a lot. The advantages range from better picture quality and multiple formats being read by your TV. Reading the same HD movie on a decoder will not yield the picture quality especially if you use RCA cables.

So these tips will help you get better service from your USB port.

1.USB extension cable

Use an extension cable if you find it difficult to insert and remove your USB device. You must use this cable if your TV is wall mounted. The struggle is real especially for big screen owners!

2. Do not charge

Its good to always have an extra USB port where you can charge your smartphone. But that is not a good idea. Charging tends to draw more current from the port and in doing so two things happen. One is that the phone will charge much slower (TV USB port produces 500mA) and if a lot of current is drawn then chances of damaging the main board are very high.

3. Do not suspend heavy Hard Disks From TV USB Port

The weight can rip off the whole connector. Check example in the video below. Use tip number 1 above.

4. Do not pull USB devices in use

The same way you eject a flash disk from a computer is the same procedure you should  follow with your TV. First of all stop any USB device playback and check any menu items for any USB eject tool and use that. If none exists them remove the flash disk after putting the TV in standby mode.

5. Never Format Devices from your TV

Chances are that they will never read on a computer again.

6. You can only use the Max number of ports on your TV

If you have ever wondered if you could connect a USB hub to tour TV and connect multiple devices then here is a fact check. You will be able to use only one port.

If your TV has 3 USB ports then that is the maximum USB devices you can connect even on a Smart TV. Televisions are not like computers that can be connected to 127 devices from one port.

7. Info

  • Some TV brands will read the smartphones storage contents, some brands do not recognize the device at all. Same case with decoders.
  • It would take more time to read a 1TB external storage than it would to read a 16GB Flash disk.
  • PVR recording is best done on an external Hard Drive and not on a flash disk.