Tecno Phantom X Review After 3 Weeks Of Use


The Tecno Phantom X is the most premium phone that Tecno has released to date. The phone has an AMOLED curved screen, is powered by a Helio G95 processor and has 256GB Internal storage and 8GB RAM.

The Tecno Phantom X has a price of Ksh49,999 in Kenya and comes with a free gift. This is around USD 462 according to todays rate(16/07/2021). The gift is a Tecno mobile phone gimbal stabilizer.

So how does the phones specifications stack up against real life performance? Lets find out.

Here are the Full specifications in a short list

  • 6.7Inch/170mm AMOLED Screen
  • 1080X2340 Full HD Screen Resolution
  • 90Hz Refresh Rate Screen
  • On Screen fingerprint
  • Helio G95 Processor
  • 8GB RAM -256GB ROM
  • 4700mAh battery
  • 33 Watt Fast Charging
  • 50MP Triple Rear Camera with Quad Flash
  • Dot IN display 48+8MP Dual Front Cameras with Dual Flash

Here is my unboxing video of the Iceland Blue Phantom X.

Phantom X Unboxing


AMOLED Screen on the Tecno Phantom X

The AMOLED curved screen is a first in Tecno’s line up of smartphones. This big 6.7 Inch (170mm) screen is also curved at the edges and to top up the goodness, it has a 90Hz refresh rate. The curved design distinguishes this smartphone from the rest of the competition.

So what is an AMOLED screen? An AMOLED screen emits its own light instead of relying on a row of LEDS known as backlight. This has the biggest advantage of showing true black colours since the pixels simply don’t turn ON.

The difference can be clearly seen in the comparison image below. The Phantom X has a very dark black colour that it is impossible to see the phone’s frame.

On the other hand the LCD screen phone has a grey colour in place of black and the screen’s edge as well as the dot in screen camera are very visible.

We all expect the screen to have a high resolution and indeed it has a Full HD screen. The icing on top of the cake is the fingerprint scanner right on the screen. I have tested it and it works perfectly and responds almost instantaneously.

Fingerprint scanner on the Tecno Phantom X


A premium phone should have a premium set of lenses and the Phantom X has exactly that. At the back there are 3 lenses, the main 50MP, 8MP for macro and wide angles and a third 13MP lens for portrait mode.

Rear camera setup on the tecno phantom x
Rear Camera Setup

On the other side, the front camera setup comprises of a dual Camera setup of 48+8MP. The 8MP lens here being for wide angle videos and selfies.

Super Night

The Phantom X excels at taking Super Night photos as is evident in the two images below. Both have been taken from the same location and with the same light conditions. The first one is a normal AICAM photo while the second one is a Super Night photo.

I will do an in-depth review of the camera in the coming weeks.

Battery & Charging

Charging Experiment

The Tecno phantom X comes with a 33 Watt fast charger with which I conducted some charging experiments as you will see below. The phone has a 4700mAh non removable battery and charging is done via a USB Type-C cable.

I just have to mention that the Phantom X’s charger has a euro plug at the end. In Kenya and many other African Countries, we use the British standard plug. This plug has 3 connectors with two being the same size and a third, the earth, being longer.

Here is my first charging experiment where I charged the device from nothing to 100% in only 57 minutes.

Battery Charging Experiment

I also did a realistic test with the phone ON and with 4G data enabled. The battery was at 34% after 20 minutes. In my first test, the Phantom X was at 50% after only 20 minutes.

However, the duration to get to full charge was similar to the phone being OFF. That is because I recorded 57 minutes with the phone being OFF and 1 hour and 4 minutes with the phone being ON.

Click on my tweet below to view the whole thread.

Battery Usage

Tecno Phantom X battery usage
Phantom X Battery Usage

The battery usage on the Phantom X is excellent. In the image above you can see that I have 12 hours left. This is after I’ve used the phone for a full day without topping up the charge. At the back of my mind, I had a feeling that the Phantom X had a small battery but now that I’m using it, the battery capacity is enough.

Bloatware & Ads

The Tecno Phantom X is not a cheap device. The cost of this premium smartphone from Tecno is Ksh49,999 which is around USD462. It is for these two reasons that I’m disappointed that the Phantom X has the same type of bloatware and Ads found in a Tecno Spark device.

The Scooper News app is the first app that I uninstall immediately I get any Tecno phone. This app is notorious for unsolicited notifications as is other apps. The middle screenshot in the gallery below shows what type of default permissions these apps have.


I’m very impressed with the performance capabilities on the Phantom X. The apps on this phone load almost instantly at the touch of a button, the fingerprint scanner is very fast and the true blacks on the AMOLED screen are very dark.

What about the price? I feel like it too expensive. I expected a maximum price of only Ksh35,000.

In the coming weeks I will do a separate full camera as well as gaming review. Stay tuned.


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