Tecno Camon 16s

Tecno Camon 16s Review, Acceptable Specs & Cheap


The Tecno Camon 16s is the only Camon 16 phone with a 5000mAh battery. This is bigger than the Camon 16 Premier. The only other Camon 16 phone with a big battery is the Camon 16 Pro.

The 6.6 Inch smartphone has a 720X1600 screen resolution with the front camera being a dot in the screen. The Camon 16s is also the cheapest and the smallest smartphone on the Camon 16 series and today I’m going to review it starting with the processor.

Read here to see the differences between the Tecno Camon 16 Premier and the Camon 16s.


The Camon 16s is powered by a Mediatek Helio P22 MT6762 2.0HGz octa-core processor. This gets the job done with most applications. There’s no lagging or overheating while watching videos, playing simple games or reading articles on browsers.

Gaming Performance & Game Mode

Playing Games on the Tecno Camon 16s

The Game mode panel is available for almost any game that you install. What the game mode does is to align resources for a better gaming experience. For example WhatsApp messages flash across the screen where they can be read without leaving the game. Phone calls can be picked without leaving the game too.

I recorded a gaming performance video and this is what I learned. Simple offline games like Ninja Arashi and Hill Climb Racing work very well. The same can be said about simple online games like Among Us. This is because the resources are more than enough to handle those small games.

With the game mode panel, the user can also map physical buttons like the Volume buttons to help control the game. This tutorial is also in the video below.

Tecno Camon 16s Gaming Performance

When it comes to heavy online games like PUBG, I did encounter some difficulties. First of all the graphics were so low that I couldn’t see the enemy very well. Another thinh is the low frame rate that just doesn’t work in a fast paced game.

Like I said in the video, PUBG is playable but for a better experience then I recommend either the Camon 16 Premier or the Camon 16 Pro.

I wish the Camon 16s could have come with a gaming processor like the Helio G90T on the Camon 16 Premier.

48MP Quad Camera

As for the camera performance, there are some missing features that the Premier and Pro has but generally I didn’t encounter any problems. The specs are acceptable. I’ll do a separate Camera review.

Before that here are a few photos that I took using the Camon 16s.

Camon 16s Accessories
Free Glass Protector

The charger photo in the next section was also taken using the Camon 16s.

Battery & Charging

The biggest specification on the Tecno Camon 16s is the 5000mAh battery. However the Camon 16 does not come with a fast charger.

Tecno Camon 16s 10 Watt Charger
Tecno Camon 16s 10 Watt Charger

The charger is a normal 10 Watt charger that fills the phone in 3 hours. This in my opinion is the charger that you connect when you go to sleep. There’s no risk of overcharging, the charger will be automatically be disconnected after charging is complete.

As for battery life then I managed to get at least 2 days with heavy usage. This means I was constantly at home on social media sites while playing games in between.

Notifications & Ads

Straight out of the box, the Camon 16s comes with pre installed bloatware just like any other Tecno smartphone. These apps like Scooper and Phoenix browser do serve advertisements disguised as notifications.

Price In Kenya

The cost of the Tecno Camon 16s in Kenya is Ksh17,699. This is equivalent to USD 154 going by todays rate. This is way cheaper than the Camon 16 Premier’s price of Ksh28,500 or USD261.


That’s why the Tecno Camon 16s is a good cheap device with acceptable specifications. However for heavy online gaming like Call Of Duty and PUBG then I recommend getting the Tecno Camon 16 Premier.

So in conclusion this is a good phone for the everyday smartphone user.