Startimes Projector TV, what you need to know


Late last year Startimes Kenya launched the Startimes projector TV into the Kenyan Market. The Startimes projector TV is basically a set top box incorporated into a projector. Its a very cool product with many features as we will see in a while.

Someone had asked me on Facebook to do a post on projectors and here is what I have to say. Projectors work best in big rooms with high ceilings and the amount of natural light entering the projector room should also be limited for optimum viewing pleasure. There is also the maximum screen size as well as distance from the screen to the projector.  So before you buy one be sure to have all the dimensions of your room. You can even connect external devices like DVD players, decoders as well as computers to projectors. As for the price difference, it primarily has to do with the lamp lifetime as well as amount of light produced, in lumens. The higher these figures are, the more expensive a projector is.

I won’t go into the whole process of how to find the best projector. Here is a good article by epson on buying projectors. But one tip I will throw in is the lamp lifetime and cost. As a rough estimate, the lamp replacement will cost like 40% of the total cost of the projector.

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Cool Features on the Startimes Projector TV

  • First of all is that its a combo decoder which means that it has both an inbuilt satellite as well as digital terrestrial tuner. In lay mans terms, it uses both an antenna as well as satellite dish.
  • Two USB ports that can be used for playing movies.
  • Uses an energy efficient OSRAM LED lamp that can last up to 20,000 hours.
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker pairing. With this you can pair to your Bluetooth enabled Home theater, Speaker module or even headphones for better listening experience.
  • 12-19Volts DC voltage IN which means you can use a car battery out in the wild camping or even solar power.
  • AV IN port for connection external devices like a DVD Player or the dstv decoder (I didn’t just say that).
  • HDMI port to connect your free to air satellite decoder or maybe a chromeast dongle.

Other Connection Ports

  • CA Card: Smart Card for StarTimes Pay TV
  • VGA: Connect Your PC
  • TF: MicroSD Card Storage


One more thing

A projector screen is required, a white painted wall or a projector screen will do. Its paramount that the screen be white because any other colour will make the images have a false colour. Any obstacles in the line of sight need to be removed. The startimes projector TV can project on a screen up to 120″ or 3 metres so anything that might block the view even slightly should be removed.

Price and Availability in Kenya

The startimes projector TV is only available on Jumia for only Ksh80,500.


The Startimes projector TV is a good product with a long lasting Lamp. It is meant to be used at home and to be placed on the table. Ceiling and Wall mounts are also possible and with a remote control, its easy to control the projector. But you have to plan ahead if you will use any of the ports at the back like USB or AV IN. Think of it like this, what will you climb to reach the ports and where will you place the External USD HDD for movies. Will you place it in the projector and tip it to one side. What I’m saying is that you should look into the future. Buy all extra long cables in advance and have them installed and hidden in the ceiling (or wall).

What do you think of the Startimes projector TV, would you buy it? Your comments are highly regarded.


12 thoughts on “Startimes Projector TV, what you need to know”

  1. Am bagalana John my remort for this projector TV,model Ew, in put 19v is not working. I want to replace it,what can I do

    1. Get in contact with Startimes customer care and they will direct you to the nearest service center. Your projector needs a battery replacemnt.

  2. Are these projectors still on market? And if so where can I find them in Uganda..

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