Bein sports decoder in Kenya replacing Dstv

Legality of replacing Dstv with Very cheap bEIN Sports in Kenya


Dstv Kenya, the most expensive pay TV Company in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa is being replaced by the very cheap bEIN Sports Decoder. So it seems the monopoly the Dstv enjoys is slowly coming to an end especially for Premium football content. It’s no secret that Dstv is loosing customers to Startimes and Zuku for viewers who do not like football content. View it like this, a family man can have Zuku or Startimes TV installed at his house so that his wife and kids can watch movies and cartoons. The same guy usually watches the EPL in a club somewhere.

So where does this leave clever Kenyans who want to watch the EPL frJom the comfort of their houses? The answer is bEIN sports. Who or what is bEIN sports? bEIN sports is a company that has acquired the rights to broadcast premium football content in the Middle East and North Africa regions. They use the Eutelsat 7West satellite to beam their content and this same beam is easily receivable in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda and with bigger dishes in Tanzania too. I won’t lie to you or beat around the bush, bEIN is live in Kenya and East Africa at large

But its not legal to have Bein Sports decoder and subscription card in Kenya. Only Dstv has the right to air the Premium football content from Europe, so if they get you they will confiscate your equipment and probably press charges against you. Why?

Dstv has a range of Supersport channels that has a huge following because it airs the main European football leagues. All the Supersport channels are all available in the Premium Package that costs around Ksh7000 per month. bEIN Sports has a sharp contrast of a price; it offers all football action for an amount averaging Ksh13, 000 per year. When I say everything I mean everything from the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Carling Cup, FA Cup and any other you might think of.

To prove to you the popularity of bEIN sports in Nairobi alone, look at the following Ad I pulled from the capital classifieds website . By the time I viewed this Ad, it had already been viewed 123 times. Here is the link how many more vies has it received by now? Tell me in the comments section please. Here is the link to the Ad. (The link has long been removed).

Save over 100k this season on sports !!!!!! Get the entire 2014/2015 sports season ……. at the cheapest cost ever. All events LIVE with English commentary and in HD. On an HD FTA Beinsports decoder………….with a valid subscription card

This is definitely a bEIN sports decoder installer in Nairobi and its environs.

Let’s do the math

Dstv 7,000 X 12 Months is Ksh84, 000 per year

bEIN Ksh13, 000 per year

The difference is Ksh71, 000

Many pub owners are realizing this and are going for the cheaper decoder. In fact this is the best alternative to Dstv for a small pub, club or football hall.

Where to get it

You cannot get the bEIN sports decoder in any shop in Kenya. So where else do you get it? Guys in Nairobbery usually import the decoder directly from Dubai. After installation the activation is done with contacts in the UAE too.

But here lies the problem

Multichoice has the sole rights to offer football content in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Africa. bEIN Sports on the other hand, being a company from the Middle East, has the rights to offer football or should I say Soccer content to countries in the Middle east and North African Regions.

The language is another problem, all bEIN sports channels broadcast in Arabic apart from two  English channels only, but that does not stop Kenyans from getting this decoder. I am not a football fan but I believe football does not have a language, its a universal language on its own.


  • Holy Cow

    Some additional information, the audio can be changed from Arabic to English for any channel except for the French Channels which don’t have English option. I use BeIN and enjoying. The worst DSTV can do is confiscate your equipment, the current laws are vague on copyright infringement. The decoder also receives CNN, BBC, AlJazeera, Euronews, Fox movies and over 600 Arabic TV channels.

    • Josh Kingsley

      Hi, can you please advise me on how to get that bein decoder, i would like to get one.

    • James Maisiba

      Hi, please tell me how to get this decoder, your link is inactive. Please Please

    • Cynd

      How do I get this decoder

      • Holy Cow

        Olx is the easiest way of getting it.

    • Saimz Muiruri

      Can you use it with the 90cm dish or one needs upgrade to a bigger dish? I already have the 90cm dish that I have been using for DSTV.

      • Yes you can use a 90cm dish on nilesat but it depends on your location. In short what I am trying to say is that you should use a bigger dish for guaranteed results.

        • Mungeks

          Hi Dominic. BeIN Sports has recently migrated some of their channels to the Es’hailsat 25.5E. Any idea if this sat can be locked in Nyeri and the dish size required.

          • Reports from Nairobi show that someone has nailed it on 150cm offset and another on 2.4 meters prime focus. In Nyeri it may be possible with a 120cm offset or 1.8 meters prime focus.

          • Mungeks

            Thanks for the info Dominic. I need the 150cm offset, but it seems those are hard to come by. Any stockist you know of. will greatly appreciate any help.

      • Holy Cow

        Depends on your location. You can receive them on a 90cm dish in Nairobi but signal won’t be strong.

    • Jay

      Thank you! Istalling this ASAP. DStv can eat sh*t

      • Mtafiti

        The EPL coverage is superb. Get real picture in picture updates across all matches being played concurrently when goals are scored

  • Kim

    No way they can prosecute you infact, you are not a party to their zoning contract, ask them to show you any of their content that you are airing that is anything that they are brodcasting, if they cant tell them to f***K off. You are not broadcasting but receiving broadcasts and there is no law that limits you on what to receive.

  • Samuel Mwendwa

    Our society has soo much exploitation, it is unbelievable. We pay 7k a month for what is elsewhere going for 13k a year!

    • Bein sports
      • Samuel Mwendwa

        I sent mail in response on September 14th and you’ve not responded since

  • James Maisiba

    Hi, please tell me how to get this decoder, your link is inactive. Please Please Please

  • Hehehe this article should be viewed more now. I tell you people are going to fork out 110k now that DSTV has raised its prices again

  • mosads

    I nid this decoder as soon as yesterday. tell me how pleease.

  • Nick Kiprich

    sounds too good! Anyone had success with this?

    • Mike Allen

      I can get this decoder for you guys im in Dubai. What’s App +971 55 2131455

  • Mike Allen

    I can get this decoder for you guys im in Dubai, What’s App me in +971552131455

  • Atiff Khalid

    Welcome to bein sports the biggest sporting network in the world which offers all football leagues in the world and any major sporting event in the world in full crisp 1080 HD…the 22HD bein channels offer football,boxing,tennis,F1,motor gp, rugby etc….decoder also comes with 800 free to air channels which offer movies,series,music,news,documentaries..etc…decoder comes with 1year subscription which means no monthly expensive payments…after 1year expires you renew for $130 thats like 13k every year.. you can pay online via your visa card or through us…
    Decoder has the option to change language via remote to arabic,english,spanish & french..
    I know you are asking what about local and african channels and local football league…we are now including gotv decoder package with 2months subscription worth 1700/=..comes also with aerial with easy installation..
    So for 43,500/= we offer bein sports plus 1yr subs +gotv plus 2mths subscription…for all your entertainment so you dont miss anything local or international….
    Call or whatsapp 0710517490 for sales and info…we want to thank our customers for making us number 1 across east africa..

    • Mtafiti

      Got connected to BeinSports through Atif and the experience has been wonderful. Best HD quality sports that DSTV can never ever hope to match. Hope I had discovered Bein much earlier!

    • Douglas. O

      Atif what is the total cost of a full Bein installation without the DSTV gotv crap? Quote with the dish that can track all channels.

  • jame

    get connected today and enjoy all sport. we offer satellite dish installation include beinsport, canalsat, dstv, zuku. we sell beinsport decoders for more information call or whatsapp 0721800336.

  • dawood angulu

    i need it now 0721256196 but sell at an affordable price coz i know it goes for 317dollars in uae

  • Mutisya wa Mumo

    Is this still valid October 2015 ? , I need an installation ASAP .

  • Mutisya wa Mumo

    And if so can someone advise me on how to get on board.

  • I am in Nairobi, I really need someone to fix the new dish that help me access the new channels

  • Can someone connect for the new dish? Let meknow costs on 0722114098.

    • Humpho Fabregas Muhati

      please, also advise me on the new dish and price.

  • matthew ndiritu

    KINDLY help am in nakuru can bein use the DSTV dish

  • Paul Hongo Sánchez

    Hope it is not another mega scandal in the making ,if it genuine let me know the price and how,where to get it.thenkyu

  • victor etemesi

    where in kenya can i get the decorder from

  • why is this decoder that expensive?

  • akol felix

    Hello I have liked every thing about this bein sports decoders how can I then get on board I really need it please am waiting ?

  • akol felix

    I am interested so much in this decoder so how do I get on board ?.