What is iCast On itel & Syinix TV’s How Do You Use It


Ever noticed a feature known as i-Cast? If you own an itel or Syinix TV then this is one of the inputs or source. So how do you use it and how is it of any benefit to you? This feature is available on itel and Syinix Digital TVs and can transform your TV into sort of a Smart TV.

Screen Projection

icast screen projection on itel TV
Screen projection

The i-Cast feature enables you to cast or project your smartphone’s screen on to the TV even though the TV is not a Smart TV. This feature does not need a Wi-Fi signal, data bundles or any cables for it to work.

It relies on the Wi-Fi features of your smartphone to cast music, videos and photos directly onto the TV.

How To Use

How to cast your device’s screen onto the TV

  1. Start Cast function from the phone settings
  2. Search for i-Cast TV in the Cast function
  3. Pair and the screen of your device will be cast onto the TV screen

Make sure that your Smartphones Wi-Fi is turned ON and that you have enabled wireless display in Cast settings. Here is a video tutorial of the same.

itel TV i-Cast


  • The biggest benefit of the i-Cast feature is to mimic smart TV features without owning a smart TV.
  • You can maintain your privacy while sharing photos and videos to your friends or family on the TV instead of giving them your smartphone.
  • Great for your friends to follow your game progress instead of struggling to view it on a small screen.
  • The other advantage is that you don’t need a Wi-Fi subscription or cables for this to work. It is wireless. You also don’t need data bundles for casting to work either.

But if you have data bundles or a Wi-Fi signal then you can enjoy streaming YouTube videos on the TV.

This exact tutorial also applies to the Syinix Digital Television. This is because Syinix and itel are brands that come from the same company, Transsion.

This is why the tutorial on the Syinix TV is exactly the same. Here is the video.

Syinix TV i-Cast


Note: App Contents protected by DRM will not be cast.

This is the message on the i-Cast screen. This means that some copyrighted content on some applications will not work on the big screen. For example not all Netflix content will be cast on the TV screen. For example if you only pay for the mobile subscription only.


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