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Use PVR, you dont have to be there at that time to watch your fav programme


Kenya is officially not transmitting any TV content in analog format so you should also put on your Digital thinking caps too. It’s not a must you be there at a particular time of a certain day of the week in order to enjoy your favourite TV show, use PVR. Have you ever been watching a very good movie only for 9pm to arrive at the sweetest most intense part of the movie and a family member wants to watch the News?

PVR stands for personal video recorder which is a feature that allows you to record your favourite TV program for future viewing or sharing with friends and family. Its very easy to use PVR, just press the record button on the remote control. The other method is what inspired this post is to tell your decoder when and what to record using EPG. EPG stands for Electronic program guide, which is simply a menu on your decoder that shows you what you are watching and what will be on next.

There are many forms of EPG depending on the provider, the first being the shallowest telling you what you are watching is current and what comes after as next. The next category shows you exactly what you are watching by name and also what comes next. The third type is the best because it gives you a weeks program line up. This is the best to use PVR with because you just scroll to the movie or soap opera you want to watch and set is as record. Note that not all TV stations have EPG, it depends on how lazy or determined the TV producers are.

For example last week but one on a Thursday, I was invited the African Photo Magazine event at the Nailab which was graced by CS Anne Waiguru.This is also the day I watch The Closer on Dubai One. Now since I could not miss the event which ended at around 10pm, I had earlier set my PVR to record the whole show that I watched the following day at my comfort. I could also have chosen to carry the 8GB Fladh drive and watch it on a laptop or Computer somewhere, you see the various choices you have. VLC media player can play the different formats decoders have recorded. Now my 8GB Flash drive brings me to my next point

The recording media

You can choose to use a bigger capacity HDD on your decoder or a big capacity Flash drive like I do. Mine got lost so I am looking to buy a 16GB one instead. It serves me well because it gets recognized by the decoder very fast plus I do not keep anything for long periods of time after watching.

Some pointers

Some decoders not all have the Time Shift function that allows you to pause live TV as well as rewind Live TV. Take out your manual and read if your decoder is supported. The only decoders I know that have the Time shift functionality in Kenya is the BAMBA C-A2.

Set the correct time on your decoder or just use Automatic time. Remember for those of you with free to air satellite decoders, our Kenyan time is +3.00 GMT. If you set the time incorrectly, you might find exactly the opposite of what you wanted to record.

Also if no EPG is present set the time to 5 min before and 10 min after the shows time. This will ensure you find the beginning and the end of the movie or series.

Do not use your phone as a recording media. Also do not use your memory card, it will get fried.


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