A TV That Continues Working After A Blackout


What if your Television would continue working after a blackout or power outage. But nothing like an external power backup or UPS is connected to it.

Thats the story of an LG TV that continues to work even after you unplug it from the socket outlet. The TV model is 32LS3800. To learn more about the TV watch this video where my friend who owns one explains how that witchcraft works.

If you are still here reading then you dont have the bundles to watch the video but dont worry. I will explain everything he said in the video here

The Big Secret

So LG managed to build a TV with an internal rechargeable battery. The battery voltage is 7.4Volts and hasva capacity of 6800mAh. Looks like the king of battery specs a big tablet may have except for the higher voltage.

Mike, the guy in the video says that it can work continously for one hour depending on the picture settings and sound settings. Too much brightness and a high volume drains the battery much faster.

What Can One Hour Do

You can finish watching a football match (from the mid first half), watch an entire series episode, the news or any live event you deem important.

But since its an old model of TV manufactured in 2012, its not a digital TV and so any decoder or DVD player connected to it will go off in a blackout leaving you with a blank screen even though the TV will still be ON. So the only way to enjoy this TV during a blackout is by watching videos from a USB Flash drive.

How To Switch It Off

Since unplugging it from the socket does nothing, the only way to switch it off is by using the remote control to put it in standby mode. Theres another touch enabled standby button on the TV too.

Why wont LG build such TVs nowadays?