The Technosat T-888 Plus Ultra Digital Satellite Receiver


If you are new to the free to air world for business then this is the best decoder for you. It’s the best decoder you can use to teach yourself how to nab those satellites with so many free to air channels. It is also cheap so you don’t have to worry if you fry it in the process of setting it up.

The most important feature about this decoder is that it has a beeper sound. The beeper sound will alert you if you receive a certain satellite while moving the dish. You just enter the transponder  frequency of the satellite you want to aim and it will start to make a low pitched noise like beep beep beep.

When you align your dish to the satellite with that transponder the beep sound will change to a high frequency tone beeeebeeeebeeeebeeeeep. You get the idea.

Enough of this, click here to know exactly how to use a Technosat T-888 decoder as a satellite finder.

This unique feature makes most free to air satellite enthusiasts hold on to this decoder even if they have more advanced HD PVR decoders at least that what makes me not sell mine.

 Without this feature you would require a satellite finder like the Stargold SG – 20SF.  If you don’t have this buzzing satellite finder then you will require a shouting person in the roof to alert you when you point you dish to the correct satellite.

The Decoder itself is encased in a metallic body with a plastic front and with only three buttons at the front so if you damage your remote controller unit you will be stuck with the channel up, down and standby buttons on the device.

At the back it has a number of ports but lets us concentrate on the usable parts as of now the LNB IN, RCA ports, Power Switch and Cable.
Now the basic features of this decoder. It is an MPEG 2 or DVB-S Decoder so you will not nab those MPEG 4 or DVB-S2 and the clear new HD Channels. The remote control is well built easy to use and well labeled.

The Tehnosat T-888 supports C and Ku Band. The lowest symbol rate it can go to is 3100 and it has DiSEqC function 1.0 so you can connect up to 4 LNBs or satellite dishes to one decoder. It has automatic FEC and PID functions and channel sorting functions.The Technosat T-888 also comes with a detailed manual in easy to understand English.

This is the best decoder to buy if you are new to the free to air world. Of course there are other good decoders like the Strong 4922 and Astrovox 9000 but you don’t want to fry these expensive decoders for the first time. If you want help setting up your decoder then visit here African Satellite World and Sat Gear


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