How To Properly Connect Your Adapter To Your Laptop Or TV


Apparently there is a wrong way and a correct way of connecting your laptop to your gadget. I must admit that I have been connecting my adapter to my laptop the wrong way for years now. I stumbled upon a TV manual that illustrated the correct way of connecting its adapter to the TV.  The link to the manual is at the end of this post.

I will show you the method but first some terms that I will use:

Load is the gadget using electricity directly from the adapter. It may be a laptop, decoder, smartphone, shaver, HDMI splitter among other examples.

Supply is the source of electricity, in this article let us consider the supply to be the wall socket outlet or extension cord.

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  1. Connect your cable to the adapter
  2. Connect the adapter to the load
  3. Connect power plug to supply.
  4. Finally turn ON the supply switch/extension if it applies.

That is the correct method of connecting an adapter to your load. In case your power cable is connected to the adapter directly like my battery charger. then skip number 1 above.

Imagine this also applies to your smartphone.

But in the case of smartphones, the 5 Volts low voltage will not do a lot of harm. But for laptop adapter with a much higher voltage of 19 Volts. Its better to be safe that sorry. So that sparking sound you hear when you connect your cable to your laptop charger is not good. It will mean that you will need to replace it much sooner.

Link to manual



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