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You Need A Laptop + Ordinary TV, You Don’t Need A Smart TV


So you have unlimited internet at your house or office? Are you planning to buy a smart TV?  Allow me to convince you otherwise! For those that already have a Smart TV,  how is the experience so far? Can you say that you are satisfied with you product? Did you get your monies worth?

Smart televisions are overrated. They are expensive and as time goes by they are getting cheaper and as they get cheaper, the quality is also coming down.

What is a smart TV? A smart TV is basically a TV that can connect to the internet and has the ability to have apps downloaded on its available storage space. I added the application download part because there are some  commercial and also digital TVs that can connect to the internet but do not have the ability to download apps.

Laptop and Ordinary TV

A laptop combined with a HDTV size of your liking is the best smart TV you could ever own. Just connect the two using a HDMI cable and you are set. Combine that with a wireless mouse and keyboard and you are set.

What Are The Advantages?

  1. It is much easier to type and navigate on your laptop than on a smart TV.  Those that have tried to search anything on a Samsung smart TV can give a testimony.
  2. Laptops can multitask. You can listen to music while you mute an old action movie for example. You can split the screen and do work on your laptop as others watch a movie on the TV screen.
  3. VLC media player can play almost all video and audio formats.  In essence smart TVs are supposed to support a myriad of video formats but not most can play mkv files for example.
  4. Unlimited support for applications. Whether you want YouTube, Netflix, Showmax, Tubi TV, Viewstar among many others.  Your chrome or edge browser will support these websites.  On smart TVs, this is not the story.  I have been a victim of this.
  5. You can choose to reroute your audio from your laptop to your amplifier instead of sticking to the low sound output of your TV. I know most smart TVs have an external audio port but can you connect your smart TV to your wireless headphones?  I don’t think so, well your laptop can.  If it supports Bluetooth 4.0
  6. Gaming on a PC is a thousand times much better than those weird games that you can play on smart televisions. Again here if you have a wireless gamepad, the better you will play the game with unrestricted body movements.
  7. It’s much easier to stream international games on a PC website than a TV website.  When your Smart TV browser  asks you to download plugins or install the latest flash player and you realise that you can’t! Then you will realise that this post was telling the truth.

Are Android set top boxes better than a smart TV? Would you buy a Smart TV or an Android Box?  What are your reasons? Tell me in the comments below and let’s share ideas.


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