Imported TV showing Black and White Pictures, Solution for Kenyans


Let us get right into the solution. You imported a TV from overseas most likely from America, Canada, Mexico or Panama and after plugging it in, it works perfectly apart from the Black and White pictures. You have pressed all manner of buttons on that remote control and done a factory reset like a dozen times. Do not worry, here is a very simple solution. Its a mini PAL to NTSC TV system converter. I had talked about a similar device here PAL To NTSC Converter For Televisions Not For The Kenyan Market. The difference between the two devices is that this one does not have a HDMI port.

Before I continue here is a map of the TV systems used in the world, so next time a relative wants to send you a TV from Columbia in South America you just tell them to send the cash using western union instead.

If you just checked the map above and you live in the blue areas, that includes guys from Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Malawi, Mozambique, Eritrea and others you should not own a TV from the Green areas (NTSC) or the Orange areas (SECAM). The opposite is also true.

How to use the device

  • The Mini PAL to NTSC converter comes with a USB cable, insert it on the device and the other end to any USB port on your TV.
  • If your newly imported TV does not have a USB port, use the one on your decoder, DVD palyer or  mobile phone charger USB port.
  • Connect the external device (decoder or DVD Player) to the Mini PAL to NTSC converter side labeled as input.
  • Use another extra pair of RCA cables to connect the Mini PAL to NTSC converter output port to the TV itself.
  • It should be working now, if not then flip the toggle switch to the other position.


Now there could be other reasons as to why your TV might be showing black and white pictures. I have also highlighted some of the other problems here.


The Mini PAL to NTSC converter is a very small gadget that fits the palm of your hand but as small as it is, it costs Ksh7000. To buy it just download the featured image and show it to any electronics vendor near you. Chances are that they have never heard of it so just make the trip to Nairobi CBD.


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