How Your LG TV DRAM Affects The Performance


Televisions have come a long way from the day we had analogue black and white Televisions to the more recent 4K Smart TVs. In this article you are going to learn a very important vital component of you Digital/Smart TV that affects its performance depending on which economic group it belongs to.

For a basic Digital TV to operate it needs 3 major things

  • A Tuner to enable it search channels
  • A Storage device to store the number of channels and their designated frequencies and numbers
  • And finally a processor that does all the work.
  • Also not forgetting the Memory which is essentially the space that the processor needs to function properly.

But today we are going to look specifically at LG TVs Flash and DRAM memory and how its different across different models.

First of all lets learn how to check the DRAM and Flash information from your TV. Remember that this method only works for digital and smart Tvs manufactured from the year 2014 to date.

On your remote

Press menu

  • go to programmes
  • Highlight on Auto Tuning or programme tuning depending on your model
  • press the digit 1 five times

Remember to just highlight the Auto/programme tuning and not to press enter at that stage. If you hit enter this method will not work

Here you will see a lot of info but we are only interested on the Flash and DRAM values. What does your TV show?

Flash memory

Flash is the memory storage device for your TV. Your TV cannot be manufactured using a Hard Disk like a laptop so it uses Flash memory. It can retain information even when the TV is not powered. Flash memory holds information like channels names, picture settings, sound settings, WiFi passwords etc.

It it weren’t for Flash memory, we would have to manually set all the settings on every start up of our precious TVs.


On the other hand DRAM is the memory that the processor uses to execute commands. Basically the RAM.

DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access memory. Unlike Flash memory, DRAM loses everything once you switch off the TV. Experts call DRAM a volatile memory/ not permanent.

So whats the Deal

The deal is if your LG TV is a digital TV then these numbers should not worry you at all. When it comes to LG smart TV’s, these figures matter very much.

LG manufactures it’s TVs without the consumer in mind. They only care about how much money he/she has. It is from this perspective that LG designs and builds TVs.

According tho the model number we can tell if a TV is an economy product, premium product or the latest in luxury, a signature product.

High end models usually have more DRAM and Flash memory values. Much more than their lower end counterparts even if all TVs are smart.

Bottom line

Higher Flash and DRAM figures make an LG TV

  1. Boot faster
  2. Launch Apps much faster
  3. Record more hours of TV
  4. Install many apps
  5. Load videos much faster (Youtube/Netflix/Showmax etc)

Watch the following video to understand how to check the DRAM/Flash memory of your LGTV and to see for yourself the differences in performance as captured on video.


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