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How To Cast YouTube Videos From Chrome Browser To Smart TV


Casting YouTube videos from a smartphone to a smart TV has been available for a while. Anyone can do it because the process is very simple. I have even taught you how to cast YouTube videos from your smartphone to your computer/laptop browser.

However in this article, I will teach you a different thing. And that is how to cast YouTube videos from a computer browser to a smart TV. I am talking about the chrome browser here. Chrome browser simplifies the process.

You must meet the following conditions before casting. The smart TV as well as the computer or laptop must be connected to the internet. This connection must be through the same router. Connection can be through WiFi or Ethernet cable.


I use this method because I can instantly start watching the video on a big screen. To add to that I can also get much better sound quality. Here is the simple process. Watch the following 2 minute video to understand the process.

At the bottom of the YouTube window there is a cast icon. Click on it.

The browser will start looking for the available devices. Click on your TV name and the connection will begin. The TV will launch YouTube if it was not already launched. It will continue playing the video from where you left off.

TV found in chrome browser


From the browser you can now control the video playing on the Smart TV. Play, pause and seeking as well as enabling captions can also be done from the chrome browser.

However the quality can only be controlled on the TV by using the remote.

Try this method and tell me how it went in the comments below.


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