How Many Channels Does ADN Have?


ADN has a total number of 5 TV stations in Kenya, namely ADN NTV, ADN Citizen TV, ADN Inooro TV, RYDE TV and the defunct ADN QTV which now shows NTV programming.

African Digital Network Limited, ADNL as its supposed to be referred to, is formally registered and is jointly owned by Royal Media Services and the Nation Media Group.

Standard Group’s KTN used to be a part of ADN frequencies but it left to join Radio Africa Group’s Bamba TV platform and frequencies.

How To Receive ADN Channels

ADN channels are on free to air frequencies meaning that they can be received by using any Digital TV or Free to Air decoder in the market. ADN introduced its own decoder in December 2015 but according to a spot check in electronics shops, it seems like it is no longer available in the market today.

What are the ADN Frequencies?

The Communications Authority of Kenya has assigned ADNL the following frequencies on which to broadcast on. Nairobi is under Limuru on Channel 36 or 594 Mhz.

FrequencyChannel No.Location
674 MHz46NYERI
474 MHz21NAROK
602 MHz37KITUI
626 MHz40KISII
522 MHz27MERU
642 MHz42VOI
ADN frequencies in Kenya

Check out the full list of frequencies assigned to Kenyan broadcasting companies here.

Which Direction Should You Point Your Antenna For ADN TV channels?

To receive ADN channels from anywhere in Kenya, just look at the list above and point your antenna/aerial to the nearest town. For example viewers in Nairobi should point their aerials towards Limuru.

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21 thoughts on “How Many Channels Does ADN Have?”

  1. Am Stephen Mutiso from kilungu sub county Makueni county. I only receive ADN five channels . MY question is is there an antenna that I can use to receive more channels. Or what can I do to my digital TV t receive more free to air channels without using satellite dish. Please help

  2. Kisii region signal is poor it keeps on going and coming in short signal not steady

    1. Buy a good quality antenna and have it installed professionally. Here are some guidelines. If that doesn’t work then write an email and address it to the Communications Authority of Kenya. They wil guide you on what to do next.

      1. Think you misunderstood our complain the issue is… at some moments signal is 100% next moment 0%( no signal) please do survey. Problem not to do with antenna cause we have quality antenna generally signal of and on. We love your picture quality, hoping you will take action

  3. In kisumu nyawita..we have lost adn signal now for 4 days..kindly check whats happening

  4. In Nakuru there has been no adn signals for the last five days. Is there a problem?

  5. Good signal in BOMET but it is our request that you add more channels especially international News channels.

  6. No signal in kisii town – Mwembe area since Thursday 16th, March 2023 afternoon.
    Please advice on what to do urgently.

  7. ADN signal is poor since last month. Am in Milimani, Nairobi. It’s frustrating bcoz the signal keeps going off. Kindly check this. Thanks

  8. I would appreciate if you add more channels especially educational & entertainment ones. Again where I’m your signal keeps going on alternating between 514 & 570 megahertzs. At least stabilize one.

  9. In Busia the signal is on and off especially in the evening
    We like your programs but poor signal is discouraging the viewers

  10. In Busia the signal is on and off especially in the evening
    We like your programs but poor signal is discouraging the viewers

  11. In Busia the signal is on and off especially in the evening
    We like your programs but poor signal is discouraging the viewers

  12. I don’t know what Is happening to Adn signal, and it is actually losing signal on specific days of the week… Here in nyeri that is…. I don’t know what is actually happening especially during weekends there is no signal, all the weekends that is.

  13. It’s the second day we don’t have signals in Busia. Kindly do something to help.
    Then the other thing is the areas to direct our aerials are far, kindly bring them nearer so that we may have some improvement.

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