New App Find For Your Android TV And Smartphone Too


The only free application for watching videos on your android smartphone is YouTube. The other free app is whatever app you can think of. I can only think of vimeo and viewstar. Those are the apps that I know that do not have advertisements before and in between the video. Let me introduce another app that is completely free and has no advertisements whatsoever.

Dry Bar comedy

Dry bar comedy comedy has the largest collection of clean comedy for the whole family. The website dry bar comedy does not work by however. That is because they need you to use their application. The user has to download the app on either his/her Android or iOS device.

Dry bar only has stand up clean comedy in their line up. There are no derogatory words on their shows at all. The age restriction however is 12+. Seems like their app developer is a comedian too. This is what I got after my WiFi went out.

Here is their YouTube link in case you would like to check out their content first. The YouTube content is in small clips of 6 minutes in average. The app however carries the full show which can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The YouTube content has ads obviously.

Although the content is free, there is an occasional link to tip the comedian who is performing.

The easiest way to get good content is to check the number of likes on the home page. the more the likes the better and funnier the content will be.

On your Android TV the dry bar comedy app is a simple as you would imagine. just browse the content and start watching. On the smartphone however there are very tiny downsides. First of all there is nothing like downloads for offline watching. This would be an advantage because the application demands a lot of data to stream. The only reliable way to watch dry bar comedy on your smartphone is on WiFi.

The smartphone app has the 10 second forward and backward jumps just like YouTube does.

The cherry on top is that there is nothing like registrations. This is a simple install and play app. They do not need your email address or creating an user name and password.


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  1. “Absolutely loved watching this stand-up comedy show on Tech Sawa! Dry Bar Comedy never fails to deliver hilarious content that keeps me entertained from start to finish. The comedians featured had me in stitches with their witty observations and clever punchlines. Can’t wait to see more from this platform!”

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