How To Check TV/Monitor Screen Refresh Rate Frequency

Video; How To Check TV/Monitor Screen Refresh Rate Frequency


What is the best Refresh Rate for TV’s? A majority of TV’s have a 60Hz refresh rate. A few premium TV’s have a refresh rate of 120Hz. Some monitors even go as high as 144Hz.

While 60Hz TVs are good enough for watching almost any videos without any problem, 120Hz TVs are usually better for watching movies and playing video games.

There are three different methods of checking any Television’s or Monitor’s Screen refresh rate frequency as I have highlighted in the vide above. Tis is a summary of my methods.

  1. Connect a Windows 10 Computer and go to Settings, System, Display, Advance Display Settings, then display adapter properties. In the new Window click on monitor and use the drop down select to find out the Max refresh rate. That is the screen refresh rate.
  2. Check on Amazon product specifications.
  3. Check the LCD Model name and enter it into


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