The backside of an LG TV showing the Scart Port and cable

Using the Euroscart cable for Exteral Audio devices


The purpose of writing this post is to solve the problem that some LG Televisions have or lack. The featured image shows an LG TV Model 32LB552U without any RCA Audio out ports. The only Audio out solution available is using an optical cable which is not easily found. (Well it depends on where you look). But even if it is available then the Home theater, Amplifier or “Sub-woofer” to be connected to might lack this functionality. Well the solution is using a Scart cable or sometimes referred to as Euroscart.

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If you want to buy this cable from the electronics shop near you, should ask for a Euroscart to RCA cable (or converter). Its not expensive only Ksh100. This is how it looks, one side is the big Scart connector with many pins and the other side 4 RCA cables. Two cables are for input while the other two are for outputs, for both video and audio. By the way if you just ask for a stereo Euroscart to RCA cable converter, you will get it. The cable is not expensive, only Ksh100 (1 USD), well it depends on who or where you buy it from.

Scart to RCA cable

The RCA cables are well labelled.

But the problem with this cable is that both audio IN and OUT only have one cable and what does this mean? This means you will be listening to a Mono signal. I love listening to stereo music and this is why I modified one cable I had to incorporate both the Right and Left channels. So if you use my cable you get to enjoy stereo sound effects too. As an added advantage you get to listen to stereo on your TV if you use the cable for Video and audio IN.

The Euroscart to RCA cable however only works for The Digital and Analogue channels only. It will simply not work for any inputs to the TV like HDMI, RCA inputs or while using a the USB port to play back music and/or movies. In fact if you select any HDMI port, the sound that will be sent to the Amplifier is the last tuned analogue channel. For example when I selected HDMI one, the TV produced sound from the HDMI device but the amplifier hooked to the TV was producing sound from Analogue Citizen TV.  When I unhooked the antenna, the amplifier produced that sound accompanied by raster (black and white fuzzy picture).

Notice how I have used thick cables for the AV OUT SIDE? By the way the same cable can also be used for the Models 32LN540U, 42LN540U and 50LN54OV which are by the way combo digital terrestrial and satellite Television sets. Check the featured image again and see if you can spot the F connector port for connecting to a satellite dish or DisEqC switch, but more on this later on in the month. Next time I will post how to use the optical cable and also where to get it in Nairobi.

Modified Scart to RCA stereo cable for both the Right and Left channels

Update  November 2019

The optical cables are now readily available in most shops countrywide. There is also an optical to rca converter that can be used to connect your TV to an amplifier without an optical port.

I also made  a video on how to connect an LG TV and Home theater using an optical cable.


8 thoughts on “Using the Euroscart cable for Exteral Audio devices”

  1. thanks for sharing..great information.
    i have an LG 32LN540U model and would like to know whether you have leads on where i can get a digital to analog audio converter locally…so i can tap audio from tv to my speakers

    1. Hello mojay, at the moment I am not aware of any cable that converts digital sound to analogue output. But you can use the Scart cable for connecting to an external amplifier. If your amplifier has an optical audio port then you can use the optical cable instead, it only costs Ksh500

      1. the way if i use the scart cable, will i get sound even when watching a movie say from a USB stick?

          1. @Mojay, I need one such converter. I which Shop can i buy it( Nbi )?

          2. I got mine from Universal Electronics, Kamae Lane off Luthuli rd @ksh 100

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