Tecno Bluetooth Speaker SB-30BT Review


The first time I heard the Tecno Bluetooth speaker playing music was at the Tecno Boom J8 launch. It had good bass and when I held it in my hand I could feel the bass making the unit shake. The Tecno Bluetooth speaker is priced at 39USD but its not for sale. Its a free gift for anyone that  wants it.  Details of the same as you read.

I have used some Bluetooth speakers before but have never come across such music clarity from a small unit. See for yourself

The Tecno Bluetooth Speaker is only available as a gift only when you buy the Tecno Boom J8 at #TecnoBrandDay promotions. Follow Tecno Kenya on Twitter and Like their Facebook Page for details on when the next #TecnoBrandDay will be happening next. The first event was held at Garden City and the upcoming event will be at Trucom Technologies at Mama Ngina street on the 15th of this Month.

SB-30BT Inbuilt Functions

  • Music Play back via Bluetooth pairing
  • Smartphone Control on Bluetooth unit. This means that you can change the Volume, play Next/Previous tracks, Pause and Play  music
  • Take and end hands free calls
  • Music Playback via portable AUX cable


The Tecno Bluetooth speaker unit has two 1.5 inch full range speakers powered by a classs D (3 watts) amplifier.  The main advantage about class D amplifiers is that they waste very little power as heat and so they consume less power than other classes of amps. That’s why the battery lasts so long


With the advantages of Class D amplifies I have listed above, the inbuilt 1300mAh Lithium battery lasts for 5 hours of non stop music at full blast. This unit can start a party anywhere. Perfect for entertainment when there is a power black out too.


The Tecno Bluetooth speaker does not come with a charger but you can charge it using the provided micro USB cable. Just make sure that the charger you use provides 2 Amperes at 5 Volts. While charging, the Power LED keeps flashing and when fully charged, it no longer flashes.


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