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Six good reasons why you should have a car audio system in your house


Car audio manufacturers know that the product they sell will go to unimaginable places and it has to endure very tough conditions. I mean vehicles can be driven roughly and on the worst imaginable places as well. You see a car audio system is made such that it can endure the cold when winding up mountains to the Himalayans, unimaginable heat at the Coast, damp weather in the Congo forest as well as freezing temperatures in Alaska. So let me tell you why you should have a car audio system in your house.
•Built with rough handling in mind

Car audio systems consisting of the head unit, amplifier and speakers are built to endure rough handling. Just imagine the roughest ride you have ever experienced or driving with worn out shocks on an earth road. You probably felt every single bump and rock on the road. Now a car stereo is supposed to endure that without sitting on a cushion seat like you. The manufacturer actually builds his audio equipment with that in mind and maybe even rougher scenarios. And to top it up the head unit of a car stereo usually manages to stay in one piece when being vandalized. Isn’t that crazy? So if you had a car stereo in your house without such disturbances, it would definitely last very long.
•Small and compact

Car stereos are usually made to be small and compact so they will not take up much space in your living room. Coaxial speakers are another example of compactness. Usually made for vehicles, coaxial speakers are manufactured in such a way that they incorporate a tweeter at the top. So you can listen to the bass as well as the tweeter sounds from one unit. Another example is the Pioneer shallow subwoofer speaker.
•Powerful amplifier

Despite the small space, some car audio head units have very strong amplifying capabilities. The Sony head unit in the picture above can deliver up to 54 Watts of power into 4 speakers. That’s a total of 216 watts. The average home stereo is usually 60 watts. Even much better are the audio amplifiers, commonly referred to as boosters in Nairobi, these amplifiers can deliver a lot of quality sound into a subwoofer as well as some midrange speakers. A typical car audio amplifier can fit perfectly in a students back pack. These types of amplifiers are quite common with university or campus students in their hostels. Students prefer such equipment because it’s easy to carry and not bulky like a whole HiFi System.
•Dust resistant

Vehicles are not made to be driven on tarmac roads only, they usually traverse very dusty roads and so does the audio system. If you take a peek at the inlet of a DVD disc in a Car audio DVD player, you will notice a dust resistant material that seems to swallow the disc. Dust resistant Electronics usually last very long. As a matter of fact, dust is the number two killer of LCD and plasma TV’s second from physical damage (intentional or unintentional).
•Powerful tuner

When listening to the FM radio when on a moving vehicle, it’s usually not fun when the reception gets bad on and off again. To avoid this Car audio stereo manufacturers build their head units with a powerful tuner amplifier, that amplifies weak reception signals to give you a better listening experience. Now if you had such a unit in your house, you will not have to struggle with the antenna for reception. I mean if it’s made to work on a vehicle travelling at 150 Km/h then it will serve you well.
•Additional features

At a very low price, you get to enjoy additional features like Bluetooth, external DVD changers, USB Playback, Frontal AUX-In, Video output, iPod Connection and others.

So now you know why you should have a car audio system in your house. But all this usually comes at a cost because you have to buy the speaker cabinets as well as get a professional technician to install the system for you. Also the small compact size equipment usually means that it can be stolen very easily. Even if the burglar drops the unit, it will still work because car audio equipment is usually made to withstand rough handling. So now that you know all that.