Prevent Rat Nests In Subwoofer Speaker Enclosures


Rats have found a new and cozy place to build their nests, inside your Subwoofer speaker enclosure. Not any type of enclosure but the ported type enclosures. The bass producing port is a very comfortable doorway in to dark and comfortable place for rats to build their nests. Even the biggest of rats can fit into the standard 3 inch diameter port.

What are the dangers of rats entering your subwoofer enclosure or speaker cabinet?

The first danger is fire hazard, subwoofer enclosures that also incorporate inbuilt amplifiers usually have a mains line AC voltage inside. When stupid rats will chew on this wire, they get electrocuted and in the process the two wires may come into contact and burning your amplifier whole house. The following image shows such type of a subwoofer with an inbuilt amplifier. The rat responsible for this mess had even dragged a screw driver inside the unit as well as chew on very many cables.

rats nest inside a subwoofer enclosure with an inbuilt power amplifier

The second implication is damaging the quality sound output that the speaker produces. I have seen speakers that have been eaten by rats to the extent of only leaving a part of the cone.

The third being the most obvious is the damage to your wallet. I do not need to explain more on this point.

How do you prevent rats from entering your expensive subwoofer enclosure?

  • Place your subwoofer in a place that is visible to anyone in the sitting room. I know that you can make the bass become deeper by placing the unit under furniture and near corners, but this will only attract rats and cockroaches into the unit. Make sure you can see the logo of the manufacturer on the unit.
  • When you suspect you have a rat infestation in the house, seal the subwoofer port with news papers before you use poison. This will prevent the rat from dying inside the subwoofer enclosure. I had a client that complained of a rotting stench when his music system was playing. You can guess what the problem was.
  • If you have not yet bought a subwoofer unit or Home theatre yet check if the port has some rat obstructions in the form of a plastic covering at the end of the port.
  • To prevent damage to the speaker inside the subwoofer enclosures, Buy subwoofers that have the speaker inside the enclosure and not exposed at the back like the one in the featured image.