How To Take Good Care Of Your Speakers


-Speakers are one of the most important set of components in a music system. A set of good speakers can improve the quality of your music output very well. But a good set of quality speakers can cost an arm and a leg, so when they get damaged it really hurts.

Now this is how to take care of your speakers.

-Keep your speakers away from dust; dust is the number one killer of speakers. If this is impossible then you should vacuum them or blow the dust away regularly.  

-Another thing to note if you have a set of coaxial speakers then do not install them facing upwards, all manner of debris can enter the coil and if its big debris then it just murders your speakers. (Picture some kids throwing biscuit fragments on a set of coaxial speakers in the back of your saloon car). If the speakers have a wire mesh protector then its fine.

-Wipe your speakers regularly with a damp cloth.

-Do not place your speakers on magnetic materials as these affect the speakers magnets and in the long run affect sound quality.

-Keep your speakers away from direct sunlight: if you have speakers mounted at the back of you car just under the rear windscreen then tint the wind screen with some carbon film to reduce the sun’s heat.


-Do not wire your speakers improperly i.e. connect them in the correct polarity positive and negative. Also connect your speakers to the right channel or port for example if it’s a home theatre read the speaker labels and connect them to the corresponding ports on the home theatre for example connect the Front left speaker to the Front left port, the subwoofer speaker to the sub port and so on.

-Speakers and wet things do not mix so don’t pour anything on your speakers or place them near a damp place.

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