The Simple DIY Bluetooth Music System


In this post I will show you how to transform any amplifier into a digital media player complete with a remote control. When I say digital media player I mean Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, SD card playback and the traditional FM radio and Auxiliary inputs are included as well.

Here is a sample of the completed project

I bought this device for only Ksh700 and it comes with a remote control ans connecting cables. I was lucky the shop I bought it from were courteous enough to test it for me. Although they only tested the power input, I am still happy they tested it.


There are other units that also read video files and give picture output to a composite video port on a monitor or TV. These retail for Ksh1000 but since my TV can read USB movies directly, I really didn’t need a fancy Bluetooth media device. I just settled for the gadget in the featured image.

How To Connect

There are 3 parts to connecting this Bluetooth module.

  1. Connecting the power supply
  2. Connecting to the amplifier
  3. Connecting the AUX input wires which is optional
  4. And finally mounting the unit on a housing
On the right are power connections and on the left are the speaker output and FM antenna connection. At the middle you can see the AUX connector points

Power Supply

The module should be powered by a 5Volt DC input. In the first part of my project I used a transformer based power supply that produced 5 volts at 2 Amperes.

Connecting to the amplifier

There are wires labeled as R GNG and L for the right channel, ground connection and Left channel respectively. I just soldered the wires directly to the amplifier. Keeping these wires short is important in order to reduce the noise. I used the PAM8403 Amplifier module for my project.

Connecting portable music input wires

The portable music input for my project was a s easy as connecting the portable music cable to the port at the front.

Making the unit portable

In part one of the video I used a power supply adapter connected directly to the unit. In part two I managed to install a rechargeable battery inside the unit as well as install a power switch at the back.

What are your opinions and comments?


4 thoughts on “The Simple DIY Bluetooth Music System”

    1. The price has dropped because the last time I bought one of these modules, it only cost me Ksh300

  1. Do you have a portable power supply for bluetooth modules especially fitting that of a car modulator?

    1. You can either use an old phone charger or a car cigarette lighter phone charger

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