Bose – Kenyas most expensive electronic brand exclusively for the rich


Picture a Floor stand that costs Ksh21,000, a universal table stand that goes for Ksh38,000 or a Wall/Ceiling bracket that costs Ksh38,000. Ladies and gentlemen these two items do not even have any electronics in them. For that figure of 21 and 38k, you can get a decent  Home theater plus a 42 Inch LED TV respectively. The Bose Corporation is an American privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that specializes in audio equipment, this is their kick a** logo Better sound through research.

Bose products can only be found and bought online in Kenya. I do not think there is a supermarket that can stock a Home theatre that costs Ksh347,999 or  a 46 TV that costs Ksh770,000 that’s the price of a Toyota NZE if I am not mistaken. By the way these guys even have what is known as virtually invisible wall speakers. They go for only Ksh43,000 and they are the slightly bigger than the size of your phone. A bedroom radio like the one in featured above is only Ksh56,499.

The research part of it is what I guess uses too much money that makes their products so expensive. there is a Home theater that has a universal remote. With that remote you can control any brand of electronics by simply programming it first. So imagine having only one remote control for your set top box, TV as well as music system.

These guys are not serious, they even have a 55 Inch TV that costs sh943,000. This is one webpage that you browse while shouting OMG.

So if you are rich you can check out this exclusive list of the most expensive electronics in the whole of Kenya.


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