Boschmann BCH4480LX car audio amplifier

Video:Testing the Boschmann BCH4480LX amp with an LG subwoofer speaker


The Boschmann BCH4480 car audio amplifier is a very powerful beast rated at 900watts. In this video I am testing the woofers ability on an LG home theater sub woofer model SH53SH-W. This subwoofer speaker belongs to a vintage Home theater, the HT503SH, the most powerful in its era. The sub-woofer speaker is not that big because its only 5″ in diameter built in a “big wooden box” that you will judge on your own. It has an impedance of 3 ohms and a max rating of 300Watts. Its nice for the occasional user but for the quality loud music lover its not that great.

The Boschmann amp is a bridgeable 4 channel amplifier that employs Mosfets for its amplification stage. But in this video I am only using channel 3. It will be obvious in this video that this is not a new amplifier but  after a couple of years, it’s still in great shape and kicking like no one’s business. The model number and some other characters on the amp have “fallen off for lack of a better word”. Other than that it’s still in great shape and a limited edition for that matter because I have tried for looking for it in the shops without success.

The power supply I have used can never deliver what is demanded by this amplifier running at full power with six speakers. But for today the power supply used is a 12 volts, 35 Amps so the total power is 420Watts.

The sound is not that great  because my camera mic cannot record very low frequencies but just enjoy and share.


Normally this is how I connect these types of amps

CH 1- Two 4 ohms mid range speakers connected in parallel (The oval ones, 6” X 9”)

CH 2- Two 4 ohms mid range speakers connected in parallel so the total impedance per channel is 2 ohms with the crossover toggle switch set at HPF and the knob at the middle position.

CH 3 and CH 4 – Two 2 ohms sub-woofer speakers connected in series and bridged, so the total impedance is 4 Ohms. (The 12” pioneer champion series subs with dual voice coils are very great at this). The crossover toggle switch is usually at LPF for pure bass only. Now for that sweet bass I usually set the LPF dial at 40Hz or if connected to an external equalizer at 30Hz.


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  1. Please can you write an article on to connect the equalizer, amplifier and car radio

  2. Please write an article and make a tutorial video on youtube on how to fully assemble a heng peng amplifier and connect it to a boschmann equalizer. These products are getting people’s attention and really selling. I will really appreciate it since I will not have to buy the full music system since I can build one. Thanks in advance and I really like your videos

  3. Very informative. I am buying an Amp & exq soon, your information will assist

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