You Can Cast YouTube Videos To Your Browser From Your Smartphone


Casting YouTube videos is the best feature on YouTube Applications on smart Televisions.However you do not need a Smart TV to enjoy this feature because it can be replicated on your laptop or desktop computer browser.

The first step is to type this url in your address bar.

The screen you will get after the url loads is how the application looks like in Smart Televisions. The one just like in the featured image.

You can watch the rest of the steps in the following YouTube video or you can just continue reading.

The next step is to locate the gear icon at the bottom and select link with TV code. The code on your screen will be different from mine obviously.

Now it is time to pick your smartphone, open the youtube app and go to settings from the icon on you top right corner.


Now select enter TV code and make sure you type the code exactly as it appears on your computer or laptop screen. When entered correctly the Link tab will be enabled and the connection will be made.

I found out that linking with WiFi does not really work but if it does work on your end then leave a comment below.

Now any video you try to watch on your smartphone will be cast to your screen for a more immersive smart television feeling.

Remember to go to the homepage you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen. It is much easier to do with a mouse than with a remote control on the TV. At least you have the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Now try casting from your computer browser to your smart TV.