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vivo Y22 Review, An Affordable & Practical Smartphone


Just days before the 2022 Qatar FIFA world cup kicks off, vivo the official smartphone sponsor for the world cup is releasing yet another smartphone. This time round it’s the affordable and practical Y series phone, the vivo Y22. You can watch my full review on YouTube here.

Price In Kenya

The price of this smartphone is KES 19,999 and you can get it on Jumia. This amount gets you a Helio G85 powered smartphone with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. So, that covers the affordable claim. As for the practicability, you’ll find out in my review starting now but first, a very quick unboxing.

The vivo Y22 comes with a free clear phone case that fits the phone perfectly. The other accessories include some paperwork, USB cable, SIM ejector tool and finally an 18-Watt charger. The screen guard comes already installed on the display.



The Y22 employs a boxy design with straight edges and curved corners. The plastic back cover has this interesting pattern. It’s made up of interlocking squares which glimmer differently when hit with light from the same angle. There’s no need of constantly wiping fingerprints on the back cover since it’s a finger print proof surface. The same size twin camera rings at the back complete the great look of the phone. This design in my opinion, gives the phone a premium look.

Physically, these are the ports on the Y22. Starting at the bottom we have a speaker holes, USB Type C port, microphone and a headphone jack. To wake up and unlock the phone you can use the fingerprint scanner which is built into the power key. It’s very fast. The volume buttons are located above the power button. The left side of the phone is a smooth edge and finally the SIM tray is located at the top. It can hold one SD Card and two nano SIM cards.

The display is a 6.55 Inch/166mm HD+ display with a 720X1612 screen resolution. It’s not a full HD screen but it’s clear and bright plus the user gets eye protection and colour temperature adjustment settings.

As far as audio is concerned, Y22’s single speaker at the bottom outputs some decent mids and highs but with very little bass.

For better bass, I would suggest that you use a set of quality headset or headphones. You will get much better audio quality that way.


The Y22 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 chipset with a Mali-G52 MC2 Graphical processing unit. The official 4 Gigabytes of RAM can be extended further by 1GB. This uses part of the storage as RAM and the only choice is 1GB for a total of 5GB RAM.

For media consumption, like watching video on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, this processor is more that suited for the job. That’s because this processor is best suited for gaming. Multitasking on the Y22 is a breeze since it can hold multiple apps in the background for faster switching between apps.

The Ultra Game Mode feature lets you choose the CPU and battery settings that you want. For example battery saver mode will result in longer battery life but the game might lag a little. So this is best used with small simple games like puzzle games.

Heavier games will benefit from the boost setting which heavily relies on the GPU for smoother performance.


The Y22 has a dual camera setup at the back. The main lens at the top is 50MP and the other one is a 2MP Macro lens. At the front is an 8MP lens housed in a water drop notch. The LED flash is only available for the rear camera setup while the front camera employs screen lighting.

Photos from the main camera are good and with just the right amount of contrast that differentiates the colours well. Photos of the sky are realistic as well. With the 50MP UHD setting selected, the resulting image sizes are big and incredibly detailed. You can zoom in to a small area and still get a detailed segment within the main photo.

Selfies from the front camera are also detailed. As you can tell, there’s a bit of skin smoothening in these selfies as well as videos. That’s because I used the included filters and styles in the camera app. These are best used with the front camera for the best looking selfies and videos according to the lighting in your location.

The macro photos are colorful and detailed although a little grainy. That’s because the macro lens is only 2MP.

When it comes to video recording, the max quality is 1080p at 30 frames per second for both the front and rear cameras. Here are a few sample videos that I took using the phone. As you can see they are clear, colourful and with enough realistic details. Even without colour correction, these videos are detailed and with the right amount of contrast.


The 5000mAh battery is big enough to last at least 2 days without charging the phone. The included 18-watt charger fills up the phone halfway after about an hour, so this is the type of phone you leave charging overnight. I conducted a charging experiment video and here are the results.

vivo Y22 Charging Test
  • 1 Minute – 2%
  • 5 Minutes – 5%
  • 10 Minutes – 8%
  • 20 Minutes – 17%
  • 30 Minutes – 26%
  • 40 Minutes – 34%
  • 50 Minutes – 42%
  • 1 Hour – 50%
  • 1 Hour 20 Minutes – 65%
  • 1 Hour 40 Minutes – 81%
  • 2 Hours – 91%
  • 2 Hour 21 Minutes – 97%
  • 2 Hour 29 Minutes – 100%


In conclusion, the vivo Y22 is an affordable and practical smartphone. It’s great for everyday use and the perfect phone for Gen Z as their first phone. That’s because it looks like a premium product, it takes decent photos and videos and the processor is powerful enough for some relatively heavy gaming.

The only things I would change if I were in the position to change them is to increase the Macro camera to at least 5MP and make it function as an Ultra-wide camera too. I would also double the storage because the competitor’s phones have 128GB for the same price. Lastly I would add some earphones to the list of accessories.

Let me know what you think of the vivo Y22 in the comments below.


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