The Girro 201 bluetooth subwoofer with remote control

The Girro 201 Bluetooth Subwoofer Produces Clear Beautiful Music, Range 10 Metres


Playing music via Bluetooth to a unit is the in thing now, not earphones or bulky headphones when at home. The Girro 201 sub-woofer is the perfect music companion after reaching home  and pull out your earphones from your ears. Pairing is only what is required to listen to your favourite music at a louder volume and with more clarity. I could have bought any other Bluetooth speaker systems available but I chose this one, why?

Reasons for buying the Girro sub-woofer

I bought this unit primarily because:-

  • I had been looking for a Bluetooth audio system for sometime
  • I had a Ksh1000 voucher from
  • The Girro201 sub-woofer does not have any lights or a display. This sounds strange but I tend to enjoy music or movies in a dark room rather than have a very bright display distract me. This unit only has a red light at the top which is not very distracting.

Whats in the box

  • Two Mid range speakers
  • One power adapter rated at 12 Volts 2 Amperes
  • A pair of Audio RCA cable
  • Remote Control
  • Sub-woofer, the main unit
  • Crocodile clip DC cable
  • Warranty card and User manual

Check the end of this article to see how the Girro unit looks like inside.

Powering the unit

I got this unit from at a very low price compared to the other Bluetooth units that had some with rechargeable batteries but no bass speaker. Its quite easy to connect this unit what is required is to connect the external mid range speakers and the adapter to the unit at the back. After this plug in the adapter to your electric extension and switch on the unit at the back.

Playing Music via Bluetooth is very easy

  • After the unit is ON, press the BT button on remote control.
  • Turn ON your Smartphones Bluetooth and search for devices.
  • Find and pair with Girro201
  • Play music on your phone
  • Music now comes out of the Girro sub-woofer system, with some rich quality than your phones speakers
  • What’s interesting is that you can now control you media player on the phone by using the Girro Remote control. It can play, pause go to next and previous without touching your phone. This feature does not even exist in LG Home theaters.

But not all phones will connect but if you have an Android phone, then all is OK. If by any chance a password is requested use 0000. I have used some different models on this unit like Samsung, LG and Tecno but no password was requested.

Playing music wirelessly via Bluetooth is an advantage because previously I had to disconnect the Audio jack from the Amplifier whenever I needed to make or receive a call. My phone even rang through the speakers, but not while on Bluetooth. You just simply reduce the volume using the remote control and take your call normally walking about the room doing small errands.

Another advantage of using Bluetooth is getting rid of the nuisance of talking to someone with earphones/headphones in the house.

The additional features of the Girro sub-woofer are playing mp3 files on a USB Flash-disk or SD card, FM radio and AUX input at the back using the RCA cable provided.

The unit has a 10Watt Subwoofer speaker and two 5Watts satellite speakers making a total of 20Watts RMS. Just for comparison, a 24 Inch TV only has 4Watts speaker power.

The physical and functional features

The sub-woofer unit only has 3 buttons at the top, Previous, Play/Pause and Next. On the same deck as the buttons is the USB and SD card Slot. At the side it has 3 knobs Volume, Bass and treble, which are just required to be set once and the remote control will take care of the rest. (I put all 3 knobs at the max volume).

The unit has 2 Audio input ports at the back as well as an antenna. The other ports are the Audio out and 12Volts DC jacks.


The only thing I found challenging on this unit is the Power adapter connectors which cannot fit in any British standard socket outlet (what we use in Kenya). My solution to you is to either get the connector in the photo below that I used or Get a Universal Electric extension, which I also own by the way.

Girro subwoofer poer adapter with a universal electric power connector

The Girro team also has a service center at Skymall in Nairobi’s Luthuli Avenue, that’s quite reassuring. Hope you get yours soon.

2019 Update

The sub-woofer speaker inside the unit got spoilt and I had to repair it. Luckily I made a video of me doing the repair.  Now you can see how the unit looks inside.