Tecno Spark 8P

Tecno Spark 8P Review, Big Battery and Big Camera


The Tecno Spark 8P is a fairly prices Full HD+ smartphone with a 50MP triple rear camera setup and 5000mAh battery. It has some significant upgrades and differences from the Tecno Spark 7P as you will see in a comparison table below. Among these improvements are a side fingerprint scanner, Full HD+ screen and 50MP camera.

The Tecno Spark 8P and Tecno Spark 8 are the latest Spark devices to hit the market is the Spark series. The Spark 8P comes in two memory variations, 64GB and 128GB. The Spark 8P is retailing for KES18,499 for the 128GB version and KES16,599 for the 64GB version.

Tecno Spark 8P, 7P & 5 Pro Comparison

In the intro I mentioned that the Spark 8P has some improvements to the 7P and that is clearly evident in this table. Although the Spark 8P has a smaller screen than the 7P, it has a FHD+ display and a Side fingerprint scanner.

This time round the Spark 8P does not have a publicly advertised refresh rate meaning that it has dropped to 60Hz which is a disappointment.

Spec/PhoneSpark 8PSpark 7PSpark 5 Pro
Screen size6.6 Inch/169mm6.8 Inch/172mm6.6 Inch/167mm
Resolution1080X2408 Full HD+720X1640720X1600
Refresh rate90Hz
ProcessorHelio G35
(2.30GHz Octa-core processor)
Helio G70
(2.0GHz octa-core)
Helio A25
(2.0GHz octa-core)
Memory128GB ROM+4GB RAM
Front Camera 8MP with dual flash 8MP with dual flash8MP with dual flash
Rear Camera50MP Triple with quad flash16MP Triple with quad flash16MP Triple with quad flash
Max Video Quality1080p@30fps1440p@30fps (2K)1080p@30fps
FingerprintSide FingerprintRear Fingerprint Rear Fingerprint
Battery 5000mAh 5000mAh5000mAh
Charger 2.0 Ampere Compact Charger2.0 Ampere2.0 Ampere
SoftwareAndroid 11Android 11Android 10
Spark 8P Vs. Spark 7P Vs. Spark 5 Pro

All other specification are exactly the same from the memory to the battery and charger specifications as well.


Video Recording

The maximum video recording quality is 1080p at 30 frames per second. For a 50MP lens, this is low than the Spark 7P which could record up to 2K@30fps. What this phone lacks in quality it makes up in low light video recording owing to its quad flash setup at the back. The other video qualities available in the settings are 720p and 480p at 30fps too.

What about other video features? The Spark 8P has Bokeh Mode which blurs the background automatically while shooting a video in a video except for the subject. The quality of Bokeh videos is lower at 720p. Another feature of video recording is slow motion where the quality is even lower at 480p and the aspect ratio being 4:3.

The Spark 7P does not have the video stabilisation feature.

Still Photography

Tecno Spark 8P Triple Camera Setup
Triple Camera

The Tecno Spark 8P has a triple camera setup at the back with quad flash. From the top we have the 50MP lens followed by a 2MP lens and an AI lens.

The following are sample images shot by the Tecno Spark 8P.



Portrait mode blur the background and keeps the subject in this cane the electricity pole in focus.


With the very bright quad LED flash, the Spark 8P can take very colourful photos in dark environments. I too the following photo at night time using nothing but the Flash to illuminate the flowers.

The Spark 8P does not have wide angle and macro photography capabilities. But choosing the full wide photograph size will mimic an wide angle photo.

Full Wide

Battery & Charging

10 Watt Compact Charger

The Spark 8P has a very big and generous battery at 5000mAh. The Compact charger is a 10 Watt charger and the phone has a micr USB port for charging and data transfer.

I recently did a charging experiment to find out how long it takes to fully charge this phone. Here is the video.

Charging Experiment

In summary it took 20 minutes to charge to 12% and 1 Hour to charge to 36%. This is slow but you have to remember that this phone does not have a fast charger. Here are my full results.

  • 10 Minutes – 5%
  • 20 Minutes – 12%
  • 32 Minutes – 19%
  • 40 Minutes – 23%
  • 51 Minutes – 30%
  • 1 Hour – 36%
  • 1 Hour 10 Minutes – 42%
  • 1 Hour 20 Minutes – 49%
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes – 55%
  • 1 Hour 42 Minutes – 62%
  • 2 Hours – 73%
  • 2 Hours 13 Minutes – 81%
  • 2 Hours 30 Minutes – 90%
  • 2 Hours 42 Minutes – 94%
  • 2 Hours 51 Minutes – 96%
  • 3 Hours – 97%
  • 3 Hours 02 Minutes – 98%


The Tecno Spark 8P is a budget smartphone with amazing camera capabilities and a long lasting battery.


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  1. My most loved feature about the phone is the fact that you can increase the ram from 4gb to 7gb ram using the memfusion feature. I then tested this feature by playing a graphic intensive game like shadow fight 4, then switching to Facebook, Instagram. By the time I came back, the game was still there with no noticeable lag. Runs very smooth when you on that feature and I’m loving the experience. Well worth the price.

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