Tecno Spark 5 Camera Performance Is Impressive


The Tecno Spark 5 camera performance is impressive. The 13MP quad camera and 8MP front camera take very good photos. The cost of a brand new Tecno Spark 5 is Ksh13,999. For this price you will get a 6.6 Inch smartphone powered by a 2.0GHz quad core MT6761 processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. To top that up, the battery capacity is 5000mAh. So is the Tecno Spark 5 a good smartphone? Well I have been using the Spark 5 for almost two weeks now and this is what I can tell you.

This is my overall review of the Tecno Spark 5, not only the Camera. Is the Tecno Spark 5 a good smartphone?

First Experience

When I did the Tecno Spark 5 unboxing, some of its features did really impress me and that’s why I made a first experience video.

  • The first thing that impressed me is the front dual flash. I took videos in complete darkness using the front camera and that is impressive.
  • The second thing that impressed me was the overall camera performance that can take very detailed photos.
  • The other thing is the already installed screen guard as well as the included flexible phone case.
Unboxing And First Look

Tecno Spark 5 Camera

In total there are 5 cameras on the Spark 5. Four are on the rear while the other is the front camera. There is a 13MP quad camera setup at the rear while the front camera is 8MP. When it comes to flash, the rear has a very bright quad flash setup while the front has dual flash. The flash brightness can also be adjusted for both front and rear photography. Even while shooting videos, the brightness can also be adjusted.

Tecno Spark 5 Quad Camera Setup
Tecno Spark 5 Camera

With the macro mode I could take extreme close-ups up to four cm away from the subject. The result was very detailed macro photographs. 

Macro photo taken by Tecno Spark 5

The SPARK 5 also features AI HDR technology which increases dynamic range beyond what is captured by the camera’s sensors, allowing users to take photos with less noise and sharper details. 

Warehouse photo taken by Tecno Spark 5


The SIM tray on the Spark 5 has space for two nano SIM cards as well as a single SD memory card for expansion. It is also a 4G device although 4G capability is only limited to only one SIM at any single time.


At the bottom of the Spark 5 the usual ports are present. The speaker, micro USB port and the audio jack.


Below the tweet above, someone asked why the Spark 5 does not have a USB type C port. I believe it has something to do with the cost. Plus the Spark 5 is not a flagship device.

Later on this year I expect this years Tecno Phantom device to have a USB type C port.


The physical similarity between the Spark 5 and Tecno Camon 15 is very obvious. Both devices have a dot in display camera with dual flashlights. The quad camera set up with quad flash is also very similar. What is even more interesting is that the accessories are completely identical.

The differences between these two devices comes down to the internal specifications. The Spark 5 is a cheaper device so it has low specifications. For example the Camon 15 has 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM. These are higher specs that the 2GB RAM and 32GB storage on the Spark 5.

What does this mean for the end user? Well he/she gets to own an expensive looking phone for a fraction of the cost. If you remember back in the day, a bargain smartphone had a 5 inch screen and 1GB RAM with 8GB storage.

At the physical shop or online shop, the similarities in appearance will be evident. A bargain chaser will definitely select the cheapest smartphone. Tecno Spark devices have always been known to be affordable smartphones. So a bargain chaser in 2020 will get an expensive looking phone for a lower price.


The Tecno Spark 5 is affordable, has good specs and takes good photographs. The front camera has dual flash. Even the Tecno Camon 15 premier does not have front flash.

My answer is yes, the Tecno Spark 5 is a good smartphone.