Tecno PhonePad 3 Entertainment Review


In the previous Tecno PhonePad 3 Review I did did not include any of the entertainment aspect because it would make the post too long and boring. But here is the entertainment aspect of the Tecno PhonePad 3. Tablets or Pads are they are known are usually better when it comes to watching videos and playing games because of their big size and considerably better sound quality.

So how does the Tecno PhonePad 3 stack up? I hope it will be entertaining to read. Lets start with the physical features that make entertainment easy and enjoyable.


There is nothing entertaining about a bad display, even worse is a small bad display. But I’m happy to report that the PhonePad 3 has a 7 Inch 720X1280 HD display with full lamination.

The Smart Flip Cover

The smart flip cover comes in handy s the ultimate entertainment companion in the Tecno PhonePad 3. First it has this transparent window at the top that can be used for a number of functions (while the device is locked) namely


  • Play/Pause and change the music track directly on the boom player app
  • Switch On/Off Wi-Fi
  • Switch On/Off Torch
  • Switch On/Off Data connection
  • Switch On/Off Bluetooth
  • Check the Time
  • Check on any notifications

However in the notification area, all you can see if you have any calls or messages. You can’t view the said message or number that called.

Smart Flip Cover As A Support Device

The smart flip cover also acts as a support device when viewing videos or playing video games on the device. The entertainment apps like YouTube, video player and other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work in landscape mode. However the home screen does not rotate at all. Neither do the apps work in upside down mode like in the Tecno driod pad 8.

Sound And Recording

The Tecno Phone Pad has a single speaker and microphone at the bottom arranged in a symmetrical fashion for beauty. Sound from the speaker is good for vocals and high range of frequencies for music. That is okay because I do not expect it to reproduce bass like a Bluetooth speaker. However the placement of the speaker also allows for the cupping effect. This is where your palm or fingers block the sound while using the tablet in landscape mode.


With a recorder app as part of the Biz Assistant package it won’t go unnoticed in my review. Like sound recorders are supposed to be its simple and straight forward requiring only two clicks or taps for recording to start. The recordings are clear and for some reason the background noise is minimized. The only settings in this app is the ability to choose the voice quality (high or low) and the recording mode (normal, meeting or lecture). This als plays in to the portable office assistant aspect of the review.

Music Apps

The default app is boom player but this being an android device, Google Android Music is also available.

Boom Player if you are not accustomed to is the default music player on Tecno devices. With the new boom player you can stream local and other African jams from the discovery tab.

Although there is a videos tab on the boom player which enables the streaming of videos, the boom player by default cannot play music from your storage.


Which one do you prefer, Boom Player or Google Play Music?