My Thoughts On The Tecno Camon CM


The Tecno Camon CM is the device you have been waiting for. This is the first Tecno smartphone to have a full screen feature. The Camon CM has an 18: 9 bezel-less frame design which means that much of the front of the smartphone is the actual screen as compared to the bezels. The screen size is 5.7 Inches and has a resolution of 1440 X 720. To check more features about check out this hype about the Tecno Camon CM. There you will find all the specifications of the Camon CM too.


Full Screen

The 18:9 screen is not only for decoration. It has a benefit of allowing apps to have a much larger area of view. This can be useful for gaming, watching videos and generally other apps can have a much larger area of view. The full screen mode can be found in the display settings tab and it can be used to select which apps make good use of the full screen mode.



For videos, there is an option called “pinch to zoom” that fills the whole screen with the video after consequently hiding the navigation buttons.


This brings me to the next topic


The navigation buttons are on screen and I discovered that they can’t be hidden unless you are in the watch video mode. It would be much better if I could hide the navigation while on other apps and get it back (the navigation bar) when I really need it like the Infinix Zero 3 allows.


The Tecno Camon CM has a 13MP Front camera with Flash and a 13MP Back camera as well with Quad Flash.

I did a short video where I compiled all the video shots from the Tecno Camon CM and you can check it out below.

The video shots are a mixture of shots inside a building with the light on, outside in the sun, at night and I even managed to shoot one video through a window onto a busy street. It is also worth noting that the images are clear, I even tried out the video on a big screen TV and the results were impressive for a 720p resolution.



Powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor supported by 2GB RAM, I can say that I am satisfied by the speed on the Tecno Camon CM. Heating was almost non existent most f the times I loaded a heavy program.

Running on Android 7.0 based on HiOS 3.2.0 the Camon CM has a performance that is way above average for that price.



Since the back cover is non removable, the SIM tray and SD card slot are located on the left side of the smartphone. The tray is accessible bu use of a provided SIM ejector tool. Click here to see all the Tecno Camon CM accessories.

Fingerprint speed

The fingerprint feature is used to unlock the device, accept calls and access the app-lock. What was important was the speed and I can confirm that within a fraction of a second the cm is unlocked. There is a slight delay in taking pictures though.  See for yourself the fingerprint being created

Battery And Charging

The Tecno Camon CM has a 3000mAh battery encased in a non removable plastic back cover. With WiFi On during the day and watching a YouTube video every now and then, the Camon CM could last me from 8 am to around 3 pm. So Yes I have to charge the Camon CM every day in order to use it for my commute home. Battery low notifications start at a battery level of 15% and continue  until you turn on the battery saver mode.

When it comes to charging the Camon CM comes with a 1.2 Ampere charger and charging the smartphone fully from 20% takes around one hour. Fast charging is not enabled on the Camon CM however if I used a 2A charger, the charging time reduced to a certain extent. Check out an article I wrote about charging your smartphone faster.