The Tecno Camon C9 Review; More Than A Selfie Phone


If you haven’t heard already, the latest Tecno Camera phone, the Camon C9 is already here. Of course the main selling point of this phone is the camera and the front one is a centrally placed wide angle 13MP camera. At the back is another 13MP camera.

From the first impressions the Camon C9 looks like the Tecno Boom J8. I mean the sandstone textured back cover, the metallic frame and the battery size. The only notable difference is the curvy back cover, the extra button at the side and the centrally placed front camera.


Since the Camon C9 is a camera phone you would expect the camera app to be a complicated thing with a lot of settings but that’s not the case. Its the easiest thing to use ever, no complicated settings whatsoever.

In fact the video quality settings is either 720P or Full HD 1080P. Check this video of Tecno Camon C9 1080p Video Shots


On the Tecno Camon C9, swiping right from the Home screen opens the camera exclusive page where photos are arranged in chronological order. Its kind of like a photo album at the bottom and the camera app at the top, great for trips.


A good camera is useless without a good display and Tecno realised that because the Camon C9 has a 1920X1080 5.5Inch Full HD screen. Its great for viewing selfies and photos and even better for watching HD videos. Though its bright even during a sunny day, the reflections on the shiny surface are a big distraction especially if you notice your own reflection. This is more pronounced when on dark themed apps or sections of apps.

The Screen on the Tecno Camon C9 also has a 3 months warranty from the date of purchase against any breakages. How cool is that



The speaker is now placed at the back unlike in the Boom J8 where it was placed at the bottom thus was affected by the cupping effect. So unless you have gigantic fingers, blocking the speakers is not easy. The speaker excels at mid range and tweeter sounds but struggles with bass just like all other smartphones basically. But the earphones have the clearest and deepest bass I have ever heard from stock smartphone earphones. You have to listen to them to fully experience them.

Just like the Boom J8, the boom player is the main music app but this time it didn’t have any sound equalizer settings.


The navigational buttons are permanent at the bottom and they are also lighted. Whenever any area of the back, home or multitasking area is touched, the three buttons light up white. The home button also acts as a notification light and it has a circular paint to show exactly where it is.




The 3000mAh non removable battery is encased in a metallic sheet. This makes the phone look more rigid and strong. I think the advantage of this metal plate is to conduct heat away during charging but the disadvantage is that it adds to the total weight of the phone.

With conservative use like phone calls and occasional social media browsing, the Tecno Camon C9 battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge but with aggressive use, expect that time to reduce especially if on screen time is extended.



The Camon C9, just like the Boom J8 also comes with HiOS which is basically a manipulated version of the Android operating system in which case its Android 6.0 Marshmallow. All the good things that come with HiOS are still present like the better looking app icons and the easily changeable wall papers. The themes have been moved online and the quick accelerate widget does a good job of clearing unused memory. The 2GG RAM helping the 1.3GHz quadcore processor makes sure that there are no lags as one YouTube viewer noted in the Camon c9 unboxing video. The phone does not heat up that much even when on heavy games like asphalt nitro.

Since we are on marshmallow, there are two ways of taking screen shots the drop down menu, the three finger slide and thwbold school method of holding the power and bolue down buttons.

The newest app on the Camon C9 is the T-band app that connect s to a wrist band that keeps track of a number of things like walking  and also controls the camera. Reports that I am yet to verify say that the T-band can also be used to locate a misplaced Camon C9.

The free smart flip cover that comes with the C9 is quite a nice addition with the circular clock cutout at the front and speaker holes at the top. If the phone is in use the flip cover shows the clock but if music is playing it shows the music app including the pause, next and previous buttons. However when taking photos using the main camera, the flip cover tends to cover a portion of the camera section. And lastly the sim ejector tool does not seem necessary because the micro SIM cards are quite easy to eject even with a tooth pick, seems like its a free gift!

I also did a video review of this review and you can check it out here. Tell me what you think about the video.