Tecno Camon 19 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and OPPO A96 Comparison

Tecno Camon 19 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and OPPO A96 Comparison


Which one is the best? The Tecno Camon 19 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and the OPPO A96 all released in 2022 only have one thing in common which is the 5000mAh battery. What other differences are there in these three smartphones.

Watch the video below for a complete breakdown.


The prices are not that far off from each other because the Camon 19 Pro goes for KES 33,800. The Samsung A33 and OPPO A96 go for the same price, of KES 35,500.


Camon 19 Pro Accessories

The phone with the least accessories is the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G which only has a charging cable. The OPPO A96 has a 33 watt charger, USB Cable and a phone case. The Camon 19 Pro tops that with a set of free hands free headset.


Tecno Camon 19 Price in Kenya
Camon 19 Pro

The CAMON 19 PRO comes equipped with a 64MP Bright Night Camera & a 50MP lens for portrait focus. The main lens is a world’s first RGBW+ (G+P) sensitive lens. This is encased in a high clear crystal glass lens co-developed with Samsung that increases the light intake that a traditional plastic lens would not handle.

The Camon 19 Pro also features Optical Image stabilization as well as Electronic Image stabilization for smoother videos. The maximum video quality on the Camon 19 Pro is 2K which is 1440p.

Samsung A33 5G rear camera
Samsung A33 5G rear camera

The Galaxy A33 comes with a quad lens setup at the back with the main lens being 48MP followed by an 8MP wide angle, 5MP Macro camera and a 2MP Depth Camera. The rear camera also features OIS and the maximum video quality is 4K @ 30fps.

OPO A96 rear dual camera
OPO A96 rear dual camera

The OPPO A96 has a dual camera setup with the main lens being 50MP and the being a 2MP Bokeh lens. The maximum video quality recording is only 1080p @30fps.

And here are a few photo samples from the three smartphones. There is absolutely no colour correction in these samples. The Camon 19 Pro takes decent and detailed photos. The Samsung A33 saturates the colours and the OPPO has the dullest photos I have ever seen from a smartphone.

With the highest photo settings selected. The Camon 19 Pro has the biggest size with 25 megabytes. The Samsung A33 and OPPO A96 both produce 12MB photos when the 48MP and 50MP setting is selected.

Video Recording

See the video from 1:59 to understand the comparison fully.

Even in video recording, the OPPO A96 still falls short with dull looking footages. Compare that with the Camon 19 Pros, 2K video which looks much better. And there is the Samsung A33 with the highest video quality of 4K. Which video looks best according to you?

When it comes to video stabilization, the OPPO A96 does not have that feature. The OIS and EIS in the Camon 19 Pro provides much smoother footage with the maximum quality being 1080p. The same applies to the Samsung Galaxy A33 which has very smooth videos as well.

What about Night photos? Again the OPPO A96 fall short compared to the Camon 19 Pro where you can see individual stars if you have a nice display, Samsung A33 has much better lighting but the image is not that detailed.

In portrait photography, the 50MP lens on the Camon 19 Pro really excels. In a one on one comparison between the Camon 19 Pro and Galaxy A33, the Camon 19 Pro wins. This is because it even blurred the bike behind the plant unlike the Samsung.

Finally, the Camon 19 Pro has another trick up its sleeve, its Telephoto capabilities. The Portrait lens can also be used to take photos of faraway objects with its 30X zoom capabilities.


The CAMON 19 Pro features a new Star Diamond Twin-Camera design with the shining diamonds back cover that is fingerprint proof. The Camon 19 display is housed in a rounded rectangular shape with the Slimmest Bezel in its class measuring only 0.98mm.

The twin rounded camera enclosures minimize the complexities of having many lenses in the camera bump like the Samsung A33 has. The time for slapping a number 4 lenses at the back of a phone like its 2019 are over Samsung. Keep a minimalist approach. The Samsung A33 also has one of the ugliest front notch cameras of the three phones, it’s like the designers gave up. This notch is way too wide and long thus eating into the screen real estate. At least the OPPO and Tecno both have Dot in Display front cameras.

The OPPO A96 employs a curvy design, it does not have that futuristic rectangular shape that the Samsung A33 and Camon 19 Pro have. Everything on this phone is curvy including the power button notch and speaker holes. The back cover on the OPPO A96 also does a very good job of hiding fingerprints unlike the Samsung which is a fingerprint magnet.


The CAMON 19 PRO comes with 24 Months + 1 month Extended Warranty which provides free repair service during this period for failures caused by product quality. To top this up Tecno has a 90 day broken screen protection and VIP service at CarlCare which means you get faster service.

On the other hand Samsung and OPPO both have a 2 year warranty on the Galaxy A33 5G and OPPO A96 respectively. What they don’t have is the free broken screen protection. Samsung will replace the screen at a cost while OPPO has a screen protection plan that you have to purchase within 7 days after the manufactures E-warranty is activated.


The CAMON 19 comes with Android 12 out of the box with HIOS 8.6 skin on top. An upgrade to Android 13 is scheduled for mid-2023.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 also comes with Android 12 and its One UI skin is minimalistic and without a ton of bloatware. The OPPO A96 I have is still running on Android 11 but I’m sure I’ll get a ColorOS 12 and Android 12 Update soon.


The CAMON 19 Pro has the biggest screen of the three phones measuring 6.78 Inch/172mm. It is a Full HD+ Display with 1080 x 2460 screen resolution. The Camon 19 Pro also has the highest refresh rate of 120Hz. The display has 1000:1 Contrast ratio & 500 nits of peak brightness providing an excellent & immersive viewing experience.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has the only AMOLED screen of all 3 devices. However it is the smallest in size measuring at 6.4 Inches/162mm. It is also a Full HD+ screen with 1080 x 2400 screen resolution. The OPPO A96 has a 6.59 Inch/167mm screen, it is also a Full HD+ screen with 1080 x 2412 screen resolution. Its screen has a typical brightness of 480nits and 600nits in high brightness mode.

The OPPO A96 and Tecno Camon 19 Pro have automatic refresh rate settings for optimal refresh rate according to actual use. Only the Galaxy A33 has a mode for either 90Hz or 60Hz motion smoothness.


The CAMON 19 Pro comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage.  With Memory Fusion the 8GB RAM can be extended up to 13GB by using a part of the ROM. The OPPO A96 has similar specs, with 256GB ROM and 8GB RAM with the choice of extending it to 13GB using their RAM expansion feature.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has the lowest specs in this category with 6GB RAM and only 128 GB internal storage despite having an almost similar price to the OPPO A96 which is also more than the Tecno Camon 19 Pro’s price.


Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the only similar specs in all of these three phones is the battery capacity which is 5000mAh. While the Samsung Galaxy A33 didn’t come with any charger, both the Camon 19 Pro and OPPO A96 come with a 33 Watt charger. The Camon 19 Pro’s fast charging filed the battery to 60% in only 30 minutes according to my experiment.  This is similar to what the OPPO A96 can achieve.

The Samsung A33 has the lowest fast charging specs coming in at 25 Watts. The minimum time I could fully charge it using either the Tecno’s or OPPOS’s 33 Watt fast charger was more than one and a half hours. Compare that with the fact that both the OPPO A96 and Camon 19 Pro are almost fully charged in less than an hour from 0% battery.


Which phone would you spend your money on with all these facts? Tell me in the comments below. Thank you for watching and goodbye


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