Tecno Camon 15 Premier, My Thoughts


The Tecno Spark 5 is a 32MP Front camera pop up smartphone with a Full HD display. Those are the main specifications that you might have heard about the Camon 15 Premier. Well there is a lot more going on in the most premium version of the Camon 15.

Tecno Camon 15 Premier Cameras
Camon 15 Premier camera line

All the 5 cameras line up on one side with the top most part being the front camera. Also at the back is the fingerprint scanner.

Pop Up Camera

Tecno Camon 15 premier 32MP pop up camera
32MP pop up camera

First of all let us look at the Pop Up camera action. The camera pops up as long as the front camera is selected in the Camera Application. It takes less than a second for the camera to full pop up and start working. The pop up and pop down action is accompanied by some animation on the screen as well as a sound.


There is no setting to disable the animation or the sound.

I really wish that I could open up and inspect the front camera action. The sound it makes masks the motor sound. And I don’t know if it uses a worm gear mechanism or a magnetic action. My guess is that the pop up/down action is achieved by a motor and worm gear combination.

Leaving my fantasies behind, let us concentrate on the front camera results. This is a selfie that I took in daylight. The photos is 4.42MB in size and the dimensions are 4:3. There was no need for flash because this was taken in daylight.

Tecno Camon 15 front camera photo
4:3 front camera photo

Front Flash

The Camon 15 premier does not have front LED Flash. I highlighted this in my comparison of the Camon 15 and Camon 15 premier. The Camon 15 employs a trick whereby the whole screen turns white just before taking the picture.

This means that taking videos with the front camera in a lit environment is possible. What is not possible is recording videos in a dark environments. The Tecno Camon 15 can however take videos in total darkness. That is because it has dual LED front flash.

64MP Quad Rear Camera

The main camera is 64MP and is the third lens from the top. While taking normal pictures, the size is limited to a highest quality of 16MP. In order to use its full capabilty, the user has to select the 64MP setting.

This is the same lens used to take videos. The highest quality being 1080p at approximately 30fps.

Rear side of the Tecno Camon 15 Premier
Tecno Camon 15 Premier

I used the Camon 15 premier to take promo photos of the Tecno Spark 5. Here is a sample image. The original size is 2.3MB and this particular photo dimensions are 1:1

1:1 photo sample from the Tecno  Camon 15 premier

Here is a sample Bokeh image. The original size is 3.05MB and this particular photo dimensions are 4:3

Bokeh image sample from the Tecno  Camon 15 premier
4:3 Bokeh

The other picture size available in the Tecno Camon 15 Premier is 19.5:9. This is also the size of the full screen. The following image shows this size. The original image is 1.08MB and this was taken using the wide angle 5MP lens.

Wide angle sample image taken using the tecno camon 15 premier
19.5:9 wide angle

The last image is a sample macro image. The macro and wide angle lens are the same on the Camon 15 premier. This is the second lens from the top at the rear.

macro sample image taken using the tecno camon 15 premier
1.91 MB (4:3)

Compare the macro photo above with this full image. Try and trace where the magnification took place.

AICAM tecno camon 15 premier photo sample


The processor on the Camon 15 Premier is a 2.35GHz octa-core processor and the RAM value is 6GB. The processor and RAM figures have a big effect on the performance. Applications launch at the tap of a button and games load much faster.


Due to the big camera sensors on this smartphone, bigger storage space is a must. Luckily 128GB storage is a lot. Increase the storage by inserting an external SD card in the SIM tray.

Video Sound Recording

During my time using the Camon 15 Premier, I used it to record videos that I uploaded to YouTube. For example I used it to record snippets on my Tecno Spark 5 Unboxing and First Experience video. If you watched that video you would realise that I recorded it from outside. I recorded the narration in post production.

Why I’m I telling you this long story? Well the Camon 15 Premier microphone picks up not only the subjects voice but all ambient noise as well. This means that the original video has other noises like birds chirping, children playing and traffic noise among other sounds.

I figured that I could plug my external microphone in the audio jack and eliminate all that noise. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Even while the mic is plugged it, the internal mic was used for video recording.

The only time the external mic works is when the recorder application is in use. Receiving and making phone calls was the other situation whereby the external mic worked.

Which Camon Will You Choose

After reading this review and perhaps watching some of my videos, which Camon 15 will you choose. This question is not about which phone is better than the other. This is about basing your decision purely from a specifications angle.

The Camon 15 Premier has 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and a 2.35GHz octa-core processor. The fact that it has a popup front camera means that it has a perfect full view 6.6 inch Full HD screen. The battery capacity is 4000mAh.

The Camon 15 on the other hand has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and a 2.0GHz octa-core processor. The screen is not full HD and the 6.6 inch screen has a dot in display front camera. However it has a bigger battery capacity at 5000mAh.

Personally I would choose the Camon 15 premier simply because it has more RAM and storage. Which one will you get? Tell me in the comments below.