Quad Camera setup on Tecno Camon 15

Tecno Camon 15 Camera Review


This is my Tecno Camon 15 camera review. Since there is too much to talk about, I will do this in two parts. That is still photography and video shots. The video shots review will be on my YouTube channel.

The selling point of the Tecno Camon 15 is the 48MP Quad Camera with quad flash setup at the back. In addition to that the front 16MP camera comes with dual flashlight.


The main camera on the Tecno Camon 15 is the 48MP lens. However during normal photography, this 48MP lens take photos of up to 12MP. Therefore the 48MP functionality has to be activated in the settings page of the Camon 15 camera application.

20:9 48MP AICAM

The 48MP setting is the third from the top on the left side of the image below. The photo above in its original form was 8.2MB. As you read along, compare it to the Macro photo of the same subject.

Camon 15 Camera Application
Camon 15 Camera Application


AICAM is the technology used to take the best looking photo in Tecno smartphones. I took the following photo using the Camon 15. This is the photo I used in my Tecno Camon 15 Premier article here. Even without using the 48MP capability, this photo is looking good.


Macro Lens

The macro lens is used for shooting photos up to a distance of 4cm from the lens. For this purpose the only small details can be captured perfectly. Macro photos tend to take less space, for example the photos below were less that 1MB in their original form.

The following photo was taken using the 2MP macro lens on the Camon 15. I used the 20:9 apect ratio for this photo consequently that is why it is much wider than taller.

20:9 Macro

The macro lens is almost always used for taking wide angle photos. But on the Camon 15, the wide angle feature is missing. I therefore used AICAM and try and replicate a wide angle photo.

As you can tell, it is the wide horizontal aspect ratio that makes the photo appear to be like a wide angle photo. I like it. The contrast between the sky and the shadows on the road is impressive.

20:9 AICAM

Aspect Ratio

There are 3 aspect ratios to choose from while taking any type of photo. You have already seen the 20:9. In addition there exists 1:1 as well as 4:3. The following photo is a 4:3 photo.


And here we have a 1:1 photo. This is perfect for social media uploads like Instagram and Twitter. For example I used this photo in my YouTube community post as a promo for the Camon 15 Premier Unboxing video.


Super Night

The ultra light lens requires steady hands for good outcomes. This is a lens that a person would think doesn’t work but the problem would be with the operator and not the camera itself.

In order to appreciate the Super night mode. I will have to show you two photos. The first one is taken using AICAM and the other using super night.

4:3 Super Night

You can tell that the second image is much better. Now I must insist that you must have steady hands because the super night mode requires a few seconds to do its magic. This is not to say that the Tecno Camon 15 can take images in the total darkness. There must be some light for this to work.

Video Shots


A very good camera phone at a very affordable price of only Ksh15,999. I wish future Camon devices will take photos in 16:9 ratio. This way they can fit in the now universal video format of 16:9.

For videos I also wish future Camon devices will be able to tale videos in the 4:3 format as well as 1:1 format. This obviously will be for social media like IGTV.