I Have Been Using The Tecno Camon 12


I have been using the Tecno Camon 12 smartphone for a while now and this is what I can tell you about it. For first impressions the first thing you will notice is the massive screen with a water drop notch at the top. A closer look at the front will reveal two rectangles at the either side of the dot notch camera. These are the front camera dual flash light. The one on the left also doubles up as a charging light indicator.

16MP+2MP+8MP triple back camera setup

As you already know from my unboxing video, there are three cameras at the back. The main 16MP camera is the one with the blue ring around it. Also at the back is the fingerprint scanner.

The Manchester City branded phone case is also very visible from the back. It also has two dust proof flaps. One for the headset jack and one for the micro USB charging port.

A video version of this review is also available. If you are wondering about the price then the normal Tecno Camon 12 goes for Ksh15,499 and is available online and in official Tecno shops. A limited time offer is available for trading in your old Tecno smartphone for the Camon 12.

4GB RAM & 64GB Storage

Now those are very generous specifications. Mix that with a 2.0GHz octa core processor and what you get is a very fast phone. Applications load in a short amount of time compared to a lower spec smartphone.

The Game mode loads games much faster. It allocates more resources to playing one particular game making gaming a fun exercise on the Camon 12. I believe this is why you can play games without installing them. More on this later.

The smart panel also changes when in game mode. Here you can open Whatsapp in a floating window to reply to messages. Call rejection can also be set as well as toggling from WiFi to data or vice versa.


The dot notch screen on the Tecno Camon 12 is a 6.52 Inch screen. That is 16.5 cm. I honestly expected ore because both the front and back cameras are capable of shooting 1080 videos. What is disappointing is that I cannot watch the quality that I am shooting.

Full brightness in the sun

In the glaring sun, the screen seems a little bit dim. The Tecno spark 3 marveled for its brightness in the sun. In the dark environment, there are no complaints whatsoever.


HiOS is the default operating system for Tecno smartphones. The Camon 12 also runs on HiOS which is based on the Android Pie. There are some very good features that come with this particular model.

The best feature that I have used is the smart panel. Accessed from the edges of the Camon 12, it can be used to launch specific apps as well as do some functions like take screenshots and launch Facebook messenger.

The only downside of HiOS is the unsolicited advertisements on the app list. Tecno should know by now that Tecno users can get their games from the play store. HiOS should make life easier not irritate the smartphone user.

Since I don’t want this article to drag on for too long, I have made a separate video on this topic. Tecno Camon 12 features that impress me is the title.

Battery And Overheating

The Camon 12 comes with an impressive 4000mAh battery. This big capacity does justice to the Camon 12 when we consider how big the screen is. Being on TikTok for almost 6 hours a day, I only managed to drain the battery to around 16% by around 11pm.

Charging on the other hand takes a long time. Using the provided 1.5A charger I honestly can’t tell you how long it takes to fill up. I just leave it charging overnight. I have tried using a 2.0 charger but I haven’t noticed any improvements. The only good thing about charging is the animation once you plug in the USB cable. You definitely cannot miss that.

I have not witnessed any form of overheating while charging. The only heating I have witnessed is while playing heavy games for a considerable amount of time.


I have a separate review of the camera.