Tecno Stop At Nothing Slogan

Tecno Has A Brand New Slogan ‘Stop At Nothing’


24, August 2021 TECNO, today launched its new brand slogan of Stop At Nothing with a brand video, while launching a brand campaign hash-tagged #StopAtNothing that pays tribute to those who continue to push forward against all odds. #StopAtNothing represents TECNO’s recognition of human progress and people’s pursuit for purpose, potential and excellence.

#StopAtNothing is TECNO’s next step in delivering on a promise of unlocking the best of contemporary smartphone technologies and making it accessible for global emerging markets.

Brand Video

Brand Video

Young At Heart

TECNO’s brand campaign celebrates “progressive mavericks” and those “young at heart”, the youth who admirably stayed resilient in the face of adversity.

“We’ve seen how resilient and progressive society can be in the face of adversity, especially among young adults in emerging markets. No matter where you come from or what you physically look like or gender you belong to, people will “stop at nothing” to progress and find creative and disruptive ways to achieve their potential. In return, they find themselves on a joyous and exciting journey,” says Danni Xu, CMO of TECNO. “And this attitude and spirit resonates so strongly with TECNO that we were compelled to embrace it and position it at the very core of who we are and what we do as a technology brand.”

Tecno Young At Heart
Stop At Nothing

The campaign, which will be rolled out across the globe, features several above-the-line elements including a 60-second global brand video created to demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit. It will be supported by a strategic execution of digital, social and PR tactics emanating from representative markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, India, Turkey, Philippines and Russia.

Tecno’s Role

#StopAtNothing is so much more another brand campaign,” says Xu. “It represents the values and the attitude that we as a brand embrace and TECNO’s role in providing the technology they need to progress even further.”

Xu concludes: “#StopAtNothing not only inspires, but it also cements TECNO’s total commitment to supporting our consumers with innovative and elegant technology solutions that acts as an enabler of progression.”

Ballerina Students
Stop At Nothing

TECNO’s goal is to become the most admired tech brand in the world, and continually making breakthroughs in product and experience innovations.

Earlier this year, TECNO announced its latest “superpower” – securing Chris Evans, an A-list Hollywood celebrity as its worldwide brand ambassador. This signing has intensified TECNO’s determination to be recognised as a leader in global emerging markets.

As the brand continues to grow on the world stage, TECNO now finds itself competing with major mainstream brands, who undoubtedly will sit up and take note of TECNO’s “super-heroic” manoeuvre.

The Rise Of Tecno

A recent Counterpoint research reveals that TECNO was responsible for 18% of the total smartphone shipments in Africa in 2020. The research firm attributes TECNO’s rise to a strong second half of the year and its affordable smartphone portfolio. The brand has made a dent to some of the bigger smartphone names, making TECNO a challenger brand to watch out for.

With PHANTOM X, TECNO intends to redefine the premium flagship phone trend and evolve it to new dimensions that exemplifies premium design, industry flagship camera technology, and seamless customer experience punctuated by a differentiated service.  “We are confident that we have figured out a right strategy in terms of many aspects like elegant design language, camera technology, and total user experience,” says Ha.

But PHANTOM X is just the beginning. As TECNO continues to play a more significant role in the mid-to-high end market segment, it will cultivate its market position by bringing with it premium smart devices and services-based offering and lead with a customer-oriented innovation mindset.

“We are investing more around digitalization to drive positive impact on business ecosystem, consumers as well as social development. For example, we held the first global AR launch event for the CAMON 16 series in 2020; we witnessed the rise of short-video social trend and launched the very first documentary looking at the “rise of selfie”, calling out for the public to employ devices in a positive way. We are also investing more in e-commerce to bring better convenience to consumers,” concludes Ha.


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