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Infinix Zero X Review, Amazing AMOLED Screen & Good Performance


The Infinix Zero X Pro is a big 6.67 Inch/169mm AMOLED Full HD+ smartphone with 120Hz refresh rate, Extended memory feature, Helio G95 Gaming processor and 45 Watt Fast charging. It is no doubt that this phone has some big features. The cost of this phone is KES36,999 or USD329* and in Kenya this phone comes with free wireless earbuds and a power bank on xpark website.

When it coms to camera features, the Zero X Pro is also has some big features that you would think are an overkill. The triple rear camera boasts of a 108MP main lens plus two 8MP lenses for wide angle/super macro and 60X Telescopic zoom. The telescopic zoom can even take good photos of the moon via the Super moon feature.

When it comes to Video Recording both the rear and 16MP front cameras can shoot 4K videos’ at 30fps and also have video stabilization too. I have done an extensive review of the Infinix Zero X Camera here. So I will mainly focus on the performance aspect in this review.

120Hz AMOLED Screen

This is the first Infinix Device to have an AMOLED Screen. An AMOLED doesn ot have any separate backlight like a traditional LCD Screen. The screen itself makes the light as well as the images. Therefore an AMOLED screen switches off parts of the screen in dark scenes completely. The result is a true black colour. A traditional LCD screen usually shoes black as a dull grey.

The screen resolution is also big coming in at 1080X2400 which makes it a Full HD+ device. But the best part is the 120Hz refresh rate. This high refresh rate is good for smoother animations and extremely important while playing fast paced games.

A high refresh rate makes for noticeably smoother animations but may reduce battery life. Some apps may not support 120Hz display.


Helio G95

Helio G95 Processor Specifications
Dual Chip Processor

The CPU inside the Zero X Pro is a Helio G95 Dual Chip processor which contains ARM based octa-core SoC with 2x big ARM Cortex-A76 cores and 6x small and power efficient ARM Cortex-A55 cores. These multiple cores can execute multiple instructions at the same time therefore increasing the overall speed for programs.

8GB+3GB Extended RAM


The Infinix Zero X Pro just like the Note 11 Pro features a brand new extended RAM technology feature which allows the phones RAM to be boosted by 3GB in a single click – from 8GB to 11GB. This is a game-changer when you’re using more apps at a certain time and need a temporary boost in performance without compromising your daily battery life too much. Extended RAM technology means that a part of the ROM will be used to work as RAM when the RAM is not sufficient to ensure buttery smooth performance. Users can simply open it in the settings under -“Storage”-“MemFusion”.


The Internal storage on the Zero X Pro is only 128GB.This is the phone that I just have because I know there is another version with the exact same specifications but with 256GB ROM.

However if you feel like 128GB is a small amount, which it isn’t in my opinion. Then you can upgrade it by using an external SD card.

Battery & Charging

45 Watt Charger

I have never handled such a big phone charger before and it doesn’t disappoint as well. I still want to experience the 160 Watt fast charging Infinix phone but I’m sure that will be in the very near future. But in the meantime, in order to keep costs low, both the Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro come with a 45 Watt charger and a 4500mAh non removable battery inside.

The Zero X Pro is a USB Type C device and I recently did a charging experiment to see how fast the 45 Watt charger truly is. Here is the video.

Charging Experiment

To give you a context of how fast the charging process is. The phone had charged to 26% in 15 minutes and to 40% in the next 5 minutes. Here are my full results

  • 4 Minutes – 13%
  • 5 Minutes – 15%
  • 7 Minutes – 19%
  • 10 Minutes – 26%
  • 15 Minutes – 40%
  • 20 Minutes – 51%
  • 25 Minutes – 62%
  • 30 Minutes – 70%
  • 35 Minutes – 80%
  • 40 Minutes – 86%
  • 45 Minutes – 91%
  • 50 Minutes – 94%
  • 58 Minutes – 100%

In less than an hour, the phone had fully charged form no charge at all. That is very impressive especially to a gamer.

Battery Drain

Battery Usage

I’m averaging around two full days without charging the device. To extend the battery life further, the power boost plan can be activated in the battery settings. This will enable the dark theme, disable the vibrator and switch the refresh rate to 60Hz among other things.


The features I have talked about above makes this device a very good candidate for a gaming device. The screen is a big AMOLED Full HD+ display with 120Hz rate. The battery capacity and charging times are excellent and finally the phone case is made of an anti slip rubber material that makes sure the phone stays in your hand.

The Zero X Pro has all the sensors required for heavy and light gaming. For light gaming it has the accelerometer, orientation, and rotation sensors. For heavy games like PUBG and Call of Duty it has a gyroscope and a game rotation sensor.

Further game assistance is offered through XOS powered by the Dar Link Engine. The AI engine accelerates the memory, boosts the CPU and GPU as well as accelerating the Network.

Infinix Zero X Pro Game Zone App
Game Zone App


The Infinix Zero X Pro is a promising mid range phone within a reasonable budget. I still thing the Internal storage could have been more and thoroughly enjoyed using dark mode on the Full HD+AMOLED screen.

*according to the exchange rate on 18/11/2021


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