Infinix Zero 8 Quad camera

Infinix Zero 8’s Impressive Cameras


The Infinix Zero 8 has a total of 6 cameras, 2 at the front and 4 at the rear. These are the cameras that we are going to talk about today. Let me take you back in time. Back in 2016 the Infinix Zero 3 came out with its big 20.7 MP single rear camera, it was one of the largest sensors on a budget smartphone. Four years later we have the Infinix Zero 8 with a 64MP rear quad camera and 48MP dual front camera setup.

There are a lot of features to help these lenses do their work. For example the Zero 8 has Image Stabilization for video shooting. This feature is also available for the front camera. Another feature were going to talk about is the super night mode that takes very good photos in dim light conditions.

Starting at 5:22 on my Infinix Zero 8 video, you will get to see a lot of the features I will talk about in this article. Just press play on the video below and it will start at 5:22.

48MP + 8MP

Infinix Zero 8 Dual Front Cameras
On the Left is the 8MP lens while the 48MP lens is on the right

The main camera in the Zero 8 is a 48MP lens with the 8MP lens being the secondary camera. In normal mode when you open the front camera, the picture size will be 12MP. The 48MP feature has to selected manually.

The 8MP lens is particularly important because it is a wide angle lens. This means that it can capture a group selfie in a way that the main camera can’t. If you want to get a shot of yourself in a wide angle background then the 8MP lens is for you.

Both these lenses can record video too. The 48MP lens can record 4K videos but the highest quality the 8MP lens can do is 1080p at 30fps.

Infinix Zero 8 Quad camera


This is the main Infinix Zero 8 camera and is the only other lens that can shoot 4K videos apart from the 48MP front camera. In normal mode the picture size is limited to 16MP.

Here are a few sample photos. This photo was particularly hard because I occasionally got frequency interference and the outcome would have black diagonal lines. To get this shot I focused on another area and quickly pointed the camera towards the lightbulb and took the photo.

This photo has a Bokeh effect
Another railway shot

When it comes to video, the Infinx Zero 8 is very impressive too. That is why I used it to film the Tecno Camon 16 Premier Unboxing video.

Super Macro

The lens on the top of the camera bump on the Zero 8 is the 8MP Macro Lens. This is exactly the same lens used for wide angle photography. This lens can take very detailed photos of objects up to a distance of 2.5cm. Here are a few samples

Close up leaf bud shot
1.91MB Super Macro photo
Close up remote control shot
1.91MB Super Macro photo

Wide Angle

Like I mentioned before, the wide angle uses the same Super Macro 8MP lens. The only way to show you a wide angle shot is to compare it with a normal 1X Zoom AICAM photo.

Landscape shot taken using the Infinix Zero 8

Now here is a wide angle shot. Notice how far the tree in the centre of the shot is. These two photos were taken from exactly the same location.

Landscape shot taken using the Infinix Zero 8
Wide Angle

The wide angle mode can also shoot videos with the highest quality being 1080p at 30fps. The super macro mode however can’t shoot videos.

Super Steady Shot

The video stabilization mode on the Infinix Zero 8 works by zooming into the video footage and compensating on the users shaky hands. The result is very impressive. Take a look at this video with the stabilization OFF.


The video stabilization can work for any video quality from 4K up to 720p.

Super Night

The challenge with taking super night photos is keeping the phone steady. The results are however like night and day. The image below was taken using the Super night mode.

From exactly the same location, the following photo was taken using AICAM. Even though the super night mode utilizes the main 64MP camera, the software processing in super night mode makes all the difference.


Slow Motion

Another extra feature is the ability to take videos in slow motion.


This is achieved by taking a very high number of shots per second. When palyes back at regular speed, the On the Infinix Zero 8 here is a choice of choosing between 120, 240 and 960 frames per second. However on the front camera, the 960fps is not there.

Future Of Infinix Cameras

The cameras on the Infinix Zero 8 are indeed impressive. For some reason however the macro lens cannot be used for video recording. Compare that to the macro lens on the Tecno Camon 16 which can record videos. Nevertheless I’m impressed.

The next level of video recording on Infinix devices should be dual camera recording. I would love to record a video using the rear camera and at the same time record my face in a corner of the same video.


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