Infinix Zero 8 smartphone

Infinix Zero 8 Exceeds Expectations


Infinix Zero 8 is a full HD smartphone with 90Hz refresh rate, image stabilization and has one of the fastest charging time of any Infinix device. This is a smartphone that exceeds expectations for only KES28,999.

The diamond shaped camera bump on this smartphone is one of the most recognizable in the market. The fact that this smartphone has a Full HD screen, has 128GB storage, can shoot 4K videos as well as stabilize video footage is why I like it. These are my reasons as to why the Infinix Zero 8 exceeds my expectations. Yes even the annoying things at the end f this article.

Generally Fast

Everything about the Zero 8 is fast. I have experienced very fast booting times. The apps also load at the touch of a button as do taking photos. You can witness this in my screen recording video. Making this possible is a 2.0GHz octa-core processor and 8GB RAM.

The 90Hz refresh rate also makes it smoother while gaming and generally using the Zero 8. There is no way I can explain how different a 90Hz refresh rate scree is different from a lower refresh rate. The fact is when you use a lower refresh rate phone and then switch to the Zero8, you will immediately feel the deference.

Gaming on the Zero 8 is enjoyable and smooth with no lag. I use the high graphic settings on PUBG as well as Call Of Duty and there is no lag at all. A gaming review of the Infinix Zero 8 is coming soon.

Camera Review

The Zero 8 has a 64MP quad rear camera as well as a 48MP dual front camera setup. The 8MP wide angle lens also doubles up as the Macro lens.

Infinix Zero 8 Quad camera

I have already done a full Infinix Zero 8 camera review. Read it here or you can watch some video samples on my video here.


As far as gaming goes then you cant get another boeeter phone at an affordable price. The fast processor, 8GB RAM and 4G internet makes gaming on the Zero 8 alot of fun. I didn’t experience any lags while playing PUGB or Call of Duty which are oth nline games.

The large storage capacity also means that there is more room to store big games. Games like Call of Duty, PUBG and Asphalt 9 consume a lot of space nd with the Zero 8 you don’t even need an external SD card.


33 Watt Charger

Infinix Zero 8's 33 Watt Charger
33 Watt Charger

In my unboxing video you saw me compare this charger with an earlier model Infinix charger. The reason behind that was to show the viewer how big this charger is physically.

Not only is is big physically but it also has very big specifications. This 33 watt charger can fill up the Infinix Zero 8 battery in approximately an hour. This is partly because of the USB Type C cable and the phone itself. The Zero 8 adjust the output voltage of the charger.

With a very low battery capacity, the charger can be adjusted to supply 10 Volts and then switch it to 5 Volts to fill it up the rest of the way.

In my twitter thread test, the Infinix Zero 8 was fully charged in 55 Minutes from 7% charge.



Infinix Zero 8 Accessories

Like always the Infinix accessories always include a free phone case as well as screen protector. One piece of accessory that stands out is the headset. Comparing this headset to to the Infinix S5‘s headset, this is far much better. They have metallic grey sleeves feel and the sound quality is greatly improved.

Infinix Zero 8 headset
Infinix Zero 8 Headset

There is also this slider on the microphone that acts as the volume. This means that you don’t have to take out the phone from your pocket or bag to adjust the volume.

Annoying Notifications

Infinix built a very impressive device with all the right hardware. In fact the Zero 8 is their official 2020 flagship smartphone. The smartphone also has a very well implemented dark theme.

But there’s one thing that can mess up this whole experience and that is by including additional useless apps and notifications.

There’s something as you the user can do about these annoying notifications. The first thing is to uninstall the culprit applications that you wont use. These include Scooper, Boomplay, Phoenix browser, Vskit and XShare.

There are some apps that cannot be simply uninstalled. This is what you can do to stop the from sending you notifications. This method also works for the Apps that you’ll be using in the list above.

  • Long press the application icon.
  • Select Application Details
  • Disable Show Notification
  • While you’re here you can also disable background data as well


Other than the Annoying Ads and Apps that ruin the Infinix Zero 8, my opinion is that the Infinix Zero 8 really exceeds your expectations. I say this because of the well the camera functions, faster charging time and overall how fast the phone is.


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