Infinix S5 quad camera and quad flash

Infinix S5 Quad Camera Review


As you already know there are 4 cameras at the back of the Infinix S5 smartphone. I have been taking photos and videos with the Infinix S5 and here is my Infinix S5 camera review.

From the top of the featured image I can verify 100% that the second and third cameras are 16MP and 5MP respectively. Of the two remaining cameras one is a 2MP depth sensor and I seriously do not know what the other one does.

Now you will see a sample of images in this post and the quality may be affected by the type of screen you are viewing this article from. Your browser may be compressing the images as well to save data. On my end I have not compressed the images at all so I am sorry if this page takes a little bit longer to load.

Infinix S5 Camera Review


The main rear camera on the Infinix S5 quad setup is the 16MP. This camera is used to take photos utilising the AI CAM technology on the camera app.

This same lens also shoots videos in 1X zoom as well as any zoom selected on the S5. That is correct, if you chose the wide angle lens than you try to zoom, the 16MP lens is automatically selected. Allow me to explain further.

Green colour affecting the buds. 16MP


Here is a screenshot of the Infinix S5 camera application. AI CAM is the default setting and it is also selected in this image.

Infinix S5 camera application

At the bottom of the screen the single tree is selected, this is the default setting on the 16MP lens. On the left of this tree are two trees, the wide angle mode. Further left is a single flower, this is the super macro mode. Both the Ultra wide and macro settings utilise the 5MP camera. A simple way to find out is by blocking the cameras one by one using your finger while changing the mode and checking the picture size in settings. Now you can understand my second sentence in the first paragraph.

Video Shots

The Infinix S5 can shoot videos in 3 quality settings. The 3 settings are either 1080P, 720P or a VGA version of 480P. Now, you know that the screen resolution on the Infinix S5 is 720X1600. So viewing the 1080P videos in their full resolution is not possible on the S5 right after shooting them.

This is a little disappointing but I guess it has something to do with the cost of the smartphone.

By default the 16MP shooting at 1X zoom is selected while shooing videos with the resolution being 1080p. I compiled a few video clips and photos shot with the Infinix S5 smartphone.

I wish the smartphone could take photographs in 16:9 format but it doesn’t. This explains why the photographs in the following video are in the 4:3 format. My first twitter embed further down will show you all the camera photo sizes as well as the resolution.

Bokeh Mode

To take the best Bokeh mode photos, the subject must be within 1.0 to 2.5 metres from the camera lens. With that said here is a horrible photo of Bokeh mode with the subject much further away.

Horrible Bokeh Mode

And here is a beautifully executed Bokeh mode photo. It stands out so well because the background was much further away. The log has very sharp boundaries as compared to the background and I love it.

Bokeh Mode

Infinix S5 Camera Screen Recording



The 5MP camera is used for shooting Super Macro images as well as videos. It is also the camera used while shooting wide angle photos as well as videos.

Super Macro Photo

Super Macro shooting is done with the subject being as close as 2.5cm to the camera lens. The super macro setting also shoots videos in close proximity too.

Super Macro Photo

Wide Angle

The following photo was taken using the 16MP lens on 1X zoom. It is not a wide angle photo.

This photo however was taken using the wide angle 5MP camera from the same location as the photo above.

With the light conditions being exactly the same notice that the photo is not lively. You can’t tell the transformers colour from this photo because the generally the colour is now faded.


You had not better try more than 2X zoom. It is obvious that the more zoom selected the worse the picture gets. But this is a smartphone and not a professional camera. Anyway you can see it at 1:53 on my video shots.

Google Lens

On the right of the snap button there is a google lens button. Google lens is used to search for images by taking their picture. Here is a demonstration of this working perfectly in the Infinix S5. The google lens feature also uses the 16MP camera by the way.