Infinix Note 8

Infinix Note 8 Review, Big Battery & Nice Performance


The Infinix Note 8 continues the Infinix Note series tradition by having a 5200mAh big battery capacity. This is further enhanced by having an 18 Watt flash charger. The other important specifications are a Helio G80 processor, 64MP Quad camera, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. This is the Infinix Note 8 review.

On top of that the Infinix Note 8 looks good too. This is the deep sea luster colour. The colour is not uniform but has shiny and reflective sectors.

Infinix Note 8 deep sea luster colour

Infinix Note 8 Variations and Price

There are 3 variations of the Infinix Note 8 with the main phone the Note 8 being the main subject of this review.


The other 3 variations are all different specifications of the cheaper Infinix Note 8i. They include an 64+4GB, 128+4GB and 128+6GB. More Infinix Note 8 variation details are available here.


The rear camera setup consists of a 64MP main camera with 2MP Macro lens, Portrait lens and an AI lens. This quad camera setup has also been bundled with quad flash.

The Note 8 can shoot 2K video at 14440p at 30 frames per second. Another amazing feature is the image stabilization that takes very nice and smooth videos when walking for example. Stabilized videos have a final quality of 1080p and not 2K though. The video samples video is coming soon.

Infinix Note 8 Rear Quad Camera
Infinix Note 8 Rear Quad Camera


The only time you would use the 64MP lens is to capture details that would matter if the photo will be scaled up. Examples include slideshows in videos and banner printing. If you wont use your 64MP photos in that manner then I suggest that you stick to the 16MP version of photos.

This because the 64MP pictures tend to contain a lot of details and as such they consume a lot of storage space. For example the original file size of the following photo is 15 Megabytes.

This is a 7MP picture taken using the 16MP normal mode. The original photo cannot be uploaded here as it is too big.


Bokeh photos tend to concentrate on the subject whatever that maybe and then add blurriness to the background. Here is an example Bokeh photo that I took.

Super Night

Taking nice photos in the dark doesn’t need to be a pain. There are situations where using the flash does not make sense and this is where the super night mode shines.

The super night feature cannot take photos in total darkness, all it needs is alittle ambient light. The following photo was taken using AICAM.

AICAM Night shot showing dull sky and dark building
AICAM Night shot

Compare that with this Super Night picture.

Super Night shot showing visible building and sky
Super Night

Detailed Macro

Detailed shots can be taken of anything at a distance of 4cm by using the 2MP Macro lens.

Macro shot showing up-close mesh pattern
Macro shot showing up-close mesh pattern

In other smartphones like the Infinix and Zero 8, the macro lens is also used for wide angle photography. The Infinix Note 8 however does not have the wide angle feature.

Infinix Note 8 Front Camera With Dual Flash
Infinix Note 8 Front Camera With Dual Flash

At the front we have two cameras, one 16MP while the other being a portrait lens. This is different from the Zero 8 because it had a wide angle lens instead of a portrait lens. The only way to get a good portrait shot is to be in a well lit environment. This is because the Flash does not work in Portrait mode.

Front camera selfie with beauty mode on

Battery & Charging

The Infinix Note series is known for their big battery capacity phones. The Infinix Note 8 continues that tradition by not only having a 5200mAh battery but by also Including an 18 Watt fast charger.

I’m a heavy phone user and I usually average around 12 Hours of heavy usage. When gaming for example the screen is usually at full screen brightness.

Power Marathon

The official battery optimization app o the Note 8 increases the duration of the battery by changing some settings as well as switching off some features. Fr exaple when turned ON it enables the Dark theme, adaptive brightness and disables the vibrator. These might seem like small changes but the time left after wnabling Power boost is usually a lot.

This is my charging experiment thread on twitter. After 21 minutes the charge was at 18% from a completely dead phone. The charging was completed after 2Hrs and 23 Minutes.



Serious games will always ask if a phone has a gyroscope sensor inbuilt. Well they asked about the “gyro” as it is known in short in the Note 8 unboxing video. The gyroscope works by interpreting the users movement of the phone as actual commands in a game.

PUBG gamers use this because its cumbersome to control the character by touching the screen. For smooth game play tilting and rotating the phone will contol the character. This in turn increases the gamers chances of getting to the top 10 or winning the match.

Ads & Bloatware

The Infinix Note 8 runs on XOS v7.1.0 which is a custom operating system based on Google’s Android 10. The Aurora green theme is visually appealing and has some very useful features like the smart panel and game mode.

However this custom operating system also comes with bloatware which are third party apps that the manufacturer chooses. That is not so bad if the user does not acyualy use these apps.

What is worse is these apps constant notifications. They are usually Ads in the form of notifications. Sometimes these notifications cannot be swiped away like normal notifications.


From my review of Infinix products in the last 2 years or so, it seems like this will not change any time soon. Take a look at this video where I show you how to deal with such notifications and bloatware. Interestingly enough I used the Infinix Zero 8 as the subject of the vide. That is their most premium product only seconded by the Infinix Note 8 this year.


The performance is great, storage is more than enough, the cameras are good and the battery performance is top notch. That is why this Infinix Note 8 review shows that it is a good performer. That is if you overlook the ads and bloatware.