Infinix Note 7 Gaming Review


Infinix Note 7 has a G70 2.0GHz octa core gaming processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and 5000mAh battery. How will it perform in a gaming session? There is a video included as part of this review as you read on.

Big Screen

No one wants to game on a small device with their fingers covering most of the action. It is for this reason that I recommend the Note 7.

The first reason I would recommend the Infinix Note 7 is because of the big and wide screen. This is because for landscape gaming, you will get a wide area of view with the controls at the ends of the screen.

The Infinix Note 7 has a 6.95 Inch screen with a dot in display camera. Whatever orientation you will hold the Note 7, either with camera on top or bottom. Chances are high that you won’t notice that black camera dot.

Screen Resolution

I know some of you were like, but the screen resolution is low. This is why I will tackle the screen resolution early on. The Infinix Note 7 has a 720 X 1640 screen resolution. The 1640 wide screen definitely makes the 720 screen a little bit better. I am basing this statement on how different this screen is to the Infinix Hot 8.

Would it be better to have a 1080p screen? Absolutely but we have to play with what we already have. I am guessing the main reason was to keep the cost down as you will see in the following specifications.

5000mAh Battery

The battery capacity is one of the most looked up feature before a smartphone purchase. The Infinix Note 7 is continuing with the big battery capacity tradition by having a big 500mAh battery.

Since this is a gaming review, I actually made an Infinix Note 7 gaming video. The purpose of this video was to drain the battery capacity from 100% to 50%. I did this by adjusting the screen brightness to 10% for the full duration.

I only played two online games, PUBG and Call of Duty.

I managed to drain the battery to 43% after 3 hours of non stop gaming at full screen brightness. This shows you how impressive the Infinix Note 7 is at gaming. At the end of the video I also did a temperature test at the end of the video.

What about charging? I did a live test which I updated on a twitter profile.


After 40 minutes the 18 Watts Note 7 charger had increased the battery juice to 53%. Check out my thread above to see how long it took to fully charge the device.

In summary I never experienced any overheating or received any notification about overheating. The Game mode made sure that no notifications passed through to the gaming screen. All AHA games and Palm store notifications never came through to the screen.

Game Mode

The game mode experience generally improves the gaming experience on the Infinix Note 7. For example you can choose not to have any notifications disturbances or you can select the do not disturb feature. There is also a barrage feature that allows Whatsapp and messenger messages to scroll on top of the screen.

Infinix Note 7 Game Mode Notification Settings
Infinix Note 7 Game Mode Notification Settings

As for phone calls, they don’t hijack the screen. I once received a phone call that just showed the number together with the pick and reject buttons. After picking the call, I could continue with my game as I talk to the person on the other end.

Here is a more detailed screen recording of the Infinix Note 7 Game Mode application. You can customize it to your liking.


I also like the anti addiction health reminder as well as the game data. Sometimes you never know when an addiction is taking root.

Infinix Note 7 screen record
Infinix Note 7 screen record

Something I want to add here is that you can use the game mode bar to start a screen recording. There two disadvantages however

  • This will show the touches on the screen. Evidence in the image above and
  • The stop recording button is right in the middle of the screen. It can be moved but not to the edge of the screen. That is as far as it goes.

So you can accidentally stop your recording while gaming. It is for this reason that I use AZ screen recorder application. It has so may features that the stock screen recorder lacks like internal sound recording and hides the recording process tab.

G70 Processor

Infinix Note 7 Specifications
Infinix Note 7 Specifications

Infinix call this the high gaming performance processor. This processor is a 2.0GHz octa-core processor. Thanks to this processor games load faster and any tap on the scree is transformed into action on the game almost instantaneously. Have you ever tried online gaming with an old tablet? You know the 1.0GHz processor tablet with 1GB RAM? I have and regretted it immensely.

4GB RAM & 64GB Storage

The 4GB RAM really complements the G70 processor and 64 GB storage makes sure that space for even bigger games is available. While brand new 52GB was left for the user. This means that the system and preinstalled apps only consumed 15% of the total 64GB. ROM.The storage can be expanded by using an external SD card.


How much does a 6.96 Inch screen, G70 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM smartphone cost?The cost of the Infinix Note 7 in Kenya is Ksh18,099. This is around USD180. You can get one from X Park here.

Which other smartphone with such specifications will you get at a similar price point.

WiFi or 4G?

What type of online gamer are you? The WiFi guy, the 4G guy or both? Personally I use both to ease on redundancies. When the WiFi is slow then the 4G network can take over. When playing an online game, you cannot afford to loose even a single second.

The Infinix Note 7 is a dual nano SIM device that supports 4G. I found out that online gaming with a 4G connection is seamless. Of course this is going to depend on your network operator.

Virtual Reality Gaming

360 degree video playback is possible on the Infinix Note 7. Playing 360 degrees videos on the cardboard app is also possible. Just move the smartphone around to view different areas of the same video.

Unfortunately virtual reality gaming is not supported on the Infinix Note 7. I’m guessing it has something to do with the price. It would be amazing if virtual reality gaming was supported.

My Take

Like I said at the end of my video, the Infinix note 7 is indeed a cheap gaming beast. I recommend it 100%.

The screen refresh rate for those of you wondering is 60Hz.