The Infinix Note 5 Is On Another Level


The first  Android one device in the Infinix family is the Infinix Note 5 and its not like any other Infinix device I have used. I have used other Android One devices and I can say that there are a lot more similarities in these devices. Its like the manufacturers came up with a piece of hardware and then told google to come up with a piece of operating system to be used.  I think that is how the Infinix Note 5 which is an Android one device came to life.

Infinix Note devices are known for their big battery and big screens, well the Note 5 went a notch higher by making it a 6.0″ full screen High Definition device. Just to go off topic a little, have you heard that Infinix will be launching a device with a notch? It will be called the Infinix S3X.

With 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, that is quite an upgrade from the previous Infinix Note 4 which has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. To make sure that all tasks are performed faster, the Note 5 comes with a 2.0GHz octacore processor.

No More Bloatware

The Infinix Note 5 is the first smartphone from Infinix that didn’t come with unnecessary apps that we bloggers call bloatware. Bloatware are apps that come pre-installed and its actually impossible to uninstall some of them. I’m talking of apps like eaglee, jumia, Xender, XShare,XTheme and XHide among a few others.

Infact I did a screen recording video right after I did the unboxing and clearly you can see that the Note 5 came with very few apps pre-installed. Most of the pre istalled apps that came are actually the normal google apps like Youtube, Play-store, Photos, Maps and the Chrome browser app.

A few appa were included after the first update. Among the first apps that were includes are Carlcare, Xclub and Files Go.

Files Go

Files Go is the app that is included in the Infinix Note 5 instead of the Files Manager and Downloads applocations that we are all used to. It comes with the Android One package and as I found  out, it can do more than browse for your files.

For example it can

  • Play music as well as videos
  • Clean the device by helping the user delete unwanted files
  • Help share files much faster using a wifi connection. So it basically eliminated the Xender and Xshare apps from the picture.


I did a video to show you the differences between the Infinix Note 5 and the Infinix Note 4, enjoy.

To add to the differences that I didnt feature in the video, here ia a list of more differences between the Note 5 and the Note 4.

  • The Infinix Note 5 unlike the Note 4 does not have an analogue fm tuner.
  • After a recent update, the Note 4 now has the Face Unlock feature. The Note 5 lacks the face unlock feature.


The Infinix Note 5 comes with what is known by Infinix as a 3-day battery. The battery capacity is 4500mAh and whats even  ore interesting is that it omes with the X charge  feature that reduces the charging time. You have to us the original charger for the X feature to work. By comparisson the Infinix Note 4 had 4300mAh battery capacity.

With a bigger battery comes more gaming hours. The following is a snippet of me playing a game and dont forget to follow me on twitter.

Normally when I go to sleep at around 11pm, I usually have 10 percent of juice left in my Infinix Note 5.

Room for Improvements

I would love to have an update that

  • Hides the navigation buttons at the bottom, like the Infinix Hot S3 has and
  • be able to reverse the navigation back and multi tasking key. I keep on pressing the multitasking key thinking that its the back key.
  • The face unlock feature added and maybe
  • Have the dual camera setup like the Nokia 6.1 has