Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Wired and wireless charging

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Reverse & Wireless Charging Review


The Infinix NOTE 30 is the first Infinix Device to come with wireless and reverse charging. It’s also the cheapest device at KES46,000 to have this feature. This post is strictly about wireless and reverse charging. My camera, performance and design review will come later. The phone comes with a 68 Watt wired and 15-Watt wireless fast charge pad.

Charging Experiment

I have the full wired and wireless charging experiment that also includes both wired and wireless reverse charging.

First, we can agree that the 5000mAh battery is big enough. It took me 3 days to deplete the battery in between my charging experiments. First was by using the big 68-Watt charger. Here are my results.

  • 1% – 6 Seconds
  • 5% – 1 Minute
  • 13% – 5 Minutes
  • 26% – 10 Minutes
  • 40% – 15 Minutes
  • 51% – 20 Minutes
  • 60% – 25 Minutes
  • 69% – 30 Minutes
  • 83% – 40 Minutes
  • 97% – 50 Minutes
  • 100% – 54 Minutes

That was very fast. What about the wireless fast charge pad? How will it perform? Well, it was slower and here are my results. You can watch the wireless charging experiment from 1:27 in the video above.

15-Watt Wireless Charging

Here are the wireless charging results.

  • 1% – 27 Seconds
  • 2% – 1 Minute
  • 10% – 11 Minutes
  • 17% – 20 Minutes
  • 23% – 30 Minutes
  • 29% – 40 Minutes
  • 34% – 51 Minutes
  • 39% – 1 Hour
  • 54% – 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • 68% – 2 Hours
  • 81% – 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • 95% – 3 Hours
  • 99% – 3 Hours 10 Minutes

The 15-watt wireless charging pad was slower. I got 20% in 10 minutes and full battery capacity in more than 3 hours. But this can be much faster because the NOTE 30 VIP can support up to 50 Watts with wireless charging. In fact, you can get a 50-Watt wireless charging pad from Infinix. GSMArena quotes that the 50W wireless charging can charge 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes.

The wireless charging pad can be used with any device that supports wireless charging. This can be any phone like an iPhone, smartwatch or earbuds.

Also, it’s not a must you use the 68-Watt charger like I did in my experiment. Any charger with a wattage of more that 15 Watts will do. For example, an 18-Watt charger will also work and perform fine.

Reverse Charging

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP reverse charging
Reverse charging

Infinix Dubs this as the iPhone savior. Reverse charging is the capability of the NOTE 30 VI to charge other devices simply by placing them on the back of the phone. I tried this with an iPhone device, and it definitely works.

This function needs to be turned ON first before you use it. and you turn it ON by going to the Settings > Power Marathon > Battery Setting > Reverse Wireless Charging > ON.

The camera bump does get in the way a little, so you have to orient the two phones perfectly to get the gap closed. I’m talking about both the NOTE 30 VIP and phone being charged.

The normal wired reverse charging using a suitable cable is also supported on the Infinix NOTE 30VIP. A USB Type-C cable or an OTG adapter is all you need to get wired reverse charging.

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