Infinix Hot S3 Review


The Infinix Hot S3 by Safaricom, is it hot or is it just hot air about nothing? Well I have been using the Infinix Hot S3 for a while to to tell you if it’s really hot.

Since the Hot S3 is brought by Safaricom we expect a few changes to the SIM tray and indeed there is. Instead of being a Twin SIM, the second slot has been filled to make it accept only one nano SIM. The SD card slot is still there if you want to upgrade the current 32GB storage space. This setup is different from the Infinix Hot S that was also brought my safaricom. With the Hot S the user was given a choice of either an SD card or a second SIM.

Also being a Safaricom smartphone, it even says it there on the packaging, the Infinix Hot S3 comes with mySafaricom application already installed. Al that is required from the user is to register his/her phone number on the application. It is also great that the Infinix Hot S3 is a 4G device. Actually I was streaming most of the World Cup matches on this phone.



Streaming on the 5.5Inch (1440X720)HD screen was actually good.  The app I was using even managed to fill the whole screen in landscape mode.  At night I activated the Night Light feature that made the light coming from the screen much softer and easy on the eyes.


From the advertising that you probably have seen,  you probably know that the front camera is a 20MP camera with dual flash and soft light. More on this later.

The back 13MP camera can shoot videos up to 1080p and they are clear. Just set the quality of the next YouTube video to 1080p and you can even watch it on a big screen.

When it comes to photos, they are equally as clear but today I will focus only onthe HDR feature of the Infinix Hot S3. I took the following photograohs at around 6pm in very low light and without flash.

The first photo was taken without HDR


This second photo was taken using the HDR feature. As you can see, even the vegetation greenery scene was somehow brought up. Take note that the photo was taken without flash.


Low Light Selfie

The first photo below is a picture taken in very low light conditions. It’s very hard to distinguish between the colours. You would think that I’m pranking you but I’m in this photo.  For real, see that light shaded area? That’s my jacket collar.


In this next photo,  I had the front dual flash enabled. Now we can clearly distinguish between the colours as well as judge what is exactly going on. Check out that insect in the background, was that there the whole time.


I was just joking there’s no insect in that photo.

Just one more selfie photo,  this time round in very lit conditions with the flash off.


Face ID

The face ID feature is cool and fun when unlocking the device and also opening apps just by looking at the smartphone. I’m still not convinced by the security level of face ID.  I use it just because it’s fun.

This is one feature that kept me using the Hot S3 even when I didn’t want to.  For example when I just want to check the time, a quick glance is what’s needed by Face ID to unlock the device. And after unlocking I just have to fiddle with it for like 30 minutes.

User Interface

Battery And Charging

While I do admit that the animation that comes up when you plug in the charger is very cool the charging time is not all that cool.  The reason being the time it takes to fully charge the smartphone.

What’s Hot about the Infinite Hot S3 however is the fact that it has a 4000mAh battery.  Enough to get you through the day and take all the selfies you want with the 20MP camera.