infinix hot 8 smartphone

The Infinix Hot 8 Is A Budget Smartphone With A Big Battery


Smartphones are in that era where they have full screens. The thick bezels at the top and bottom are disappearing completely. This makes the front camera either housed in a hole in display or a dot notch at the top.

The Infinix Hot 8 is not left behind as it is following the latest trends. That is because it has a full 6.6 Inch drop notch screen. The camera is housed in the dot notch at the top. Also tucked away at the top is the front flash, as well as the earpiece which is right on top of the front camera.

The front flash is visible at the top left on the Infinix Hot 8 smartphone
The front flash is visible at the top left

The screen is not a perfect rectangle. This is because of the curves at all the four corners as well as the drop notch at the top.

The default system navigation is done by using the 3 key buttons at the bottom of the screen. The order of which can be changed in system navigation (in settings). Its also interesting because Infinix has added 2 more types of navigation. The user can choose to change from from key navigation to either gesture navigation or a mix of the two. There also lies another form of quick navigation in the Hot 8 and that is the smart panel.

Smart Panel

The smart panel on the Infinix Hot 8 smartphone

Quite a number of functions can be achieved with the smart panel. If you find it difficult to take screenshots from the drop down menu because of your tiny hands, then the smart panel is here to rescue you. The smart panel can take a screenshot very easily.

The best way to use the smart panel is not to launch an app directly but to do a specific task related to the application. For example the smart panel can be configured to do the following

  • Compose a tweet in twitter
  • Open front camera for a selfie
  • Create contact
  • Compose an email
  • Send message to a specific contact
  • Open chrome incognito mode
  • Go to YouTube trending

So by using the smart panel the user saves time as well as data. The smart panel location can be easily set in the settings. Turning it off can also be achieved.


Infinix Hot 8 triple camera setup
The 13MP camera has rings around it

The camera setup is impressive. I am going to let the photos speak for themselves. The following photo as take in bokeh mode. Notice the burring in the background while the subject is clear. The contrast in colour is also impressive.

Now the following photo was taken with AI CAM. Here the whole frame is clear. Even the clouds in the background are crystal clear. No filters were used in the two photographs.

This video is a collection of still images and videos shot using the Infinix Hot 8 smartphone. I used both the front and rear cameras for this test. I have photos as well as videos shot in low light conditions too. Make sure to change the quality settings to 1080p in YouTube.

Big Battery

I have mentioned the big battery capacity every chance I had to talk about the Infinix Hot 8. That is because it’s true. The battery is a massive 5000mAh and because of this Infinix advertises the Hot 8 as a 4 day device. There is a lot to talk about the battery and I will do that in another article. That is because it will be specifically about the battery, usage and charging.


The following are unique features that are available on the Infinix Hot 8

  • The front and back flashlights can be lit at the same time. This is done by long pressing the flashlight tab on the drop down menu.
  • The Infinix Hot 8 has Boom player as the installed music player. The pre-installed Files app can also be used as a music player too.
  • The YoParty app can also be used as a music player too. But it has a different purpose
  • YoParty is used to play the same music on multiple devices. This is done by the app broadcasting the music via a hotspot connection.
  • The notification filter can be used to block notifications from categories that the user chooses.
  • The notification filter does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. That is show you notifications that it has flagged instead of blocking them completely.

App Update

The App update application is still a pain to have. It is still not the best place to discover apps. I have handled this application before and I know firsthand how frustrating it can be.

Vskt and Scooper can be installed by App update by tricking the user. This is done by withholding an exit option. The only two options that App update will give you is update now or later.


For Kenyan readers there is an Infinix Hot 8 promotion going on.

In conclusion, the Infinix Hot 8 is a very good device for a beginner. The Hot 8 I have used in this review costs only Ksh11,899. It is a 4G device with 32GB storage and 2GB RAM.

The other version is the the Hot 8 Lite which goes for Ksh9.999. It is a 3G device with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. These are the perfect gifts for kids who have finished school or are home for the long December holiday.