The Infinix Hot 3 LTE Review


The Infinix Hot 3 LTE device is the first Infinix smartphones to come with a snapdragon processor. Its predecessor and all other Infinix smartphones have Mediatek processors. With 4G connectivity, 2GB RAM and an octa-core processor the Hot 3 LTE will sure give other budget smartphones big competition.

It seems like there are very little differences between the Hot 3 and Hot 3 LTE but they are plenty. The first distinction is the physical appearance of the back cover. The Hot 3 LTE has a rugged styled back cover (that can also fit on the Hot 3 very well) and vice versa too.


The user interface on the Hot3 LTE is also different from the one on the Hot 3. Compare the Hot3 (X554) and Hot3 LTE (X553) unboxing videos to notice the difference. Theres is also quite a slight confusion because the X554 came before the X553 which is the 4G version.


The Hot 3 LTE runs on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 powered by an eight core 1.4Ghz Snapdragon processor. The processor with the help of 2GB RAM handles multitasking very well. There was some slight heating but nothing the processor could not handle especially heavy games like Asphalt Nitro. After an app update Asphalt nitro gave me a notification that the device is not supported. But I didnt see any glitches or delayed inputs.

On the user interface, the drop down menu lacked the most important feature, the screenshot.


The 3000mAh battery is removable just like all other Hot 3 devices. Ultra power feature enables more battery life by limiting the Hot 3 to the most essential apps. I could go a whole day on conservative use without charging. On 4G speeds and continuous screen time on full brightness, I could only manage 3 hours use.




Every single accessory available was completely identical to the Infinix Hot 3. The same earphones, charger and white USB cable. I hope the new device coming soon, The Note S will have better earphones.

Instagram app error

The Infinix Hot 3 LTE had problems with downloading the Instagram app but I didn’t find that problem. I just downloaded Instagram App from the Google Playstore without any problem. No issues with the app either.

But if you encounter a problem with the Instagram app this is what you do, go to this link and download a previous version of the Instagram app as an apk file.

Next go to settings, security, unknown sources and select allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Proceed to install the apk file from the file manager.


With a 5.5 Inch HD screen with a resolution of 720X1280, the Hot 3 does not put alot of strain on the eyes especially when reading small Text. The screen is bright enough for use on bright outdoor area.



From this screen shot you can see that Infinix packed quite a lot of sensors on the Hot 3 LTE. The most surprising was the Gyroscope sensor. Although a litttle bit shaky it worked on a VR headset.

The proximity sensor has also been used to prevent butt dialing when in the pocket or handbag.

Other sensors include

  • Magnetometer
  • gravity sensor
  • linear acceleration
  • rotation sensor and
  • light sensor

Availability and Price

Although it’s a little bit expensive, the Infinix Hot3 LTE is better than the infinix hot 3. For that extra money you get a 4G device with a 1.4GHz Quadcore Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM and more megapixels on both cameras.

The Infinix Hot 3 LTE is available on Jumia for Ksh11,699. That is , more than the Infinix Hot 3 which goes for Ksh7,890 on Jumia too.

My judgement is that the Infinix Hot 3 LTE is a magnificent device worthy of your money. In the past Infinix Hot series was viewed as a starter smartphone but not anymore the Hot 3 and Hot 3 LTE have proved that they are not starter smartphones.